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The Hole in My Blog

Ever feel like a Christian writer can get too plugged into the marketing words like Platform and Brand?

Marketing is necessary for any business or church, but lately, it feels like we’ve gotten lost in the mire of marketing and forgotten the relationships. I even forgot what it’s really all about. That’s why I am redoing my blog and website. It’s got to be more than this…this writer, the next book, etc. God is calling me into a new direction. It’s big. It’s scary. I can’t do it alone.

Change is in the air. Like the wind pummeling the house right now, it’s changed direction, blowing new and fresh. I am more energized now as God and other wise counsel help me figure it all out. Slowly, a new picture is emerging, a new brand, a new logo. And it’s going to be different here.

Because I am different.

Honduras changed me.

You can still be a writer and use the marketing tools, but you can change the motivation behind your marketing.

You can still be a church, and instead of competing for the tithe, unite with other like-minded churches in prayer, sharing a sincere desire to tell people about Jesus and the Bible. Instead of swapping blame for a rapidly diminishing traditional church, come together and communicate. Use the online tools to venture into the new mission field.

The Internet.

More to come on that later. Thanks to Dr. Henry Cloud and his new book, Never Go Back, I see the hole in my blog. I just thought I’d share those thoughts tonight before I go to bed.

So Happy Fourth of July, America! I am proud to live here.