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30 + Days of Faith: Link-Up With Mike Dellosso

The Darlington Society – Mike Dellosso

As part of The Darlington Society it is my duty and delight to promote a great author. Recently, he’s begun 30-Days of faith. Real stories from his readers. So far here are some of the stories pouring in with the links you need to read the rest.

Day 1: “God, I Just Want To Know You’re Real!”

I was a brand new Christian, so when the ladies at church invited me to my first-ever women’s retreat, I accepted. Panic immediately set in. What was I going to do all weekend with a bunch of perfect women? I mean, they walked the walk, they knew all the songs, they knew how to find the books in the Bible. I knew nothing. And I was terrified. Read More.

Day 2: “He has brought me through numerous bouts of medical issues.”

I’ve grown up in a Christian family and have always believed that God is my Savior and my Shelter. He has brought me through numerous bouts of medical issues. Yet there is one emotional trial that I would not have been able to deal with, if I had not known God. Read More.

Day 3: “The day that he left we said our good byes at home”

I am the wife of a Marine. We have been married for 11 years Dec. 30, 2011.  It was into our 7th year that he was 1st called to deploy to Iraq; we were stationed in Hawaii at the time. Read More.

Day 4: “In October of 1995 I was hit with a brain anuerysm.”

In October of 1995 I was hit with a brain anuerysm.  There were many miracles that God performed in my healing but the one that strikes me most happened almost a year later.  The year was filled with lots of pain, suffering and struggles and my husband was a strong pillar for me at the time, seeing that I received what I needed both spiritually and physically to regain my strength and health. Read More.