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Flagstaff Extreme

Sunday, May 13 found me hanging and swinging from ropes, dangling, walking on ropes, swinging on swing ropes, ziplining, and pulling myself through tunnels. My husband found the strength to go through all four courses. I attempted the third course after completing the first two, but it was the ladders that made me fail. Maybe I should have rested longer between courses?

At one point, my fingers became petrified. I couldn’t close them around the guide cable and clung to the logs until my fingers worked again, then forced my fingers to pull me forward to the next platform. By far, I thought that route was the hardest. I never felt so much fear.

It was the best birthday present. My husband says we’re going to try to do this every year. I told him for Christmas we should do the half-day Grand Canyon Caverns. You are crawling around off-trail in the caverns for four hours. He says since I quit the course early that he gets a “get-out-of-jail-free” card if claustraphobia gets the best of him at the Caverns.

Enjoy the video we made on Sunday, May 13.