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Sponsor a Missionary

Many missionaries don’t like writing newsletters, blogging, or doing social media. If you know of a missionary who needs lessons in understanding the technology, saving time, and social networking and blogging, talk to them. One of the services I offer is called, “Sponsoring a Missionary.”

You and the missionary agree they need to learn the technology, understand how to do it, and get used to the time-saving techniques so it doesn’t interfere with their public ministry. Then, you email me at nikolehahn@thehahnhuntinglodge.com to negotiate terms and a price. I work with all budgets. I will email you an invoice, and once you pay that invoice via paypal, send me the missionary’s name, email, and phone number.

From that point, I work with the missionary. Your part is done. Because missionaries don’t always raise 100% of their support, sponsoring them to learn the necessary technology saves them money. My client list is confidential. This means, a missionary who would like to blog under a pseudonym, will have his or her personal information kept confidential to keep them safe in the country that they serve.

If this sounds like something a missionary friend of yours would like to learn, email me.

Say Yes to Meaningful Activities

Ericssons Bakelittelefon 1931
Ericssons Bakelittelefon 1931 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Across the street, two dogs became entangled in each other’s leashes. The owners looked at each other and laughed. One owner went to the right and the other to the left, but the dogs did the opposite making the knot worse. That’s when my husband said, “Look! It takes two dogs to make people stop and talk to each other.”

Lori wrote a post called, “How Patient Am I?” and she said:

 “I text while in line at the store……Not a minute to be wasted. Or I take out my phone and get caught up on Words with Friends. I wonder……I remember, how would I feel now if I had to wait for that rotary dial to finish dialing that number. I hear it in my mind, and sometimes I wish I could hear it again. I remember my Grandmother’s dial was literally worn down she used it so much. She would have loved texting. The hang up. The pause. The reflecting on the call that just finished. It seems there are fewer and fewer pauses anymore. That’s why I think it’s important we set out to create them in our lives.”

It’s when she said there seems to be fewer and fewer pauses anymore that I fervently wished to have more pauses in my life. There are fewer moments lingering over a latte; fewer walks in the shade of a warm day; fewer drop-bys where one has something always on standby for that unexpected pause in the living room with friends. Everything is planned. To some degree, planning is good, but lately everyone is busy. Technology has made us impatient. Our friendships are convenient rather than meaningful.

I am discovering it takes effort to make friendships meaningful. It’s my husband’s profound comment that made me suck in my breath and think.

Two dogs caused these men to pause as they struggled to untangle their dogs’ leashes. In that pause, they struck up a conversation. Tomorrow when they walk their dogs they may remember each other, give a nod, or even stop to talk. It’s a reminder to me that we need to say no to more things and yes to meaningful activities, like to be with friends, to laugh with family, to make memories with spouses, and to extend a warm hug to someone new. If you live in a cocoon, you’ll never meet new people or leave open the door to comfort a stranger.

Say yes to meaningful activities and treat yourself to a pause.

Cite one example where you have been too busy. How can you make room for serendipity?