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2012 Reflections


Most of us thought when 2012 rolled into 2013 that we would have a reason to celebrate. Instead, it’s four more years of a man with no interest in the American people and as crooked as a forest path. So it’s up to us to continue doing what Christians do best—dwelling in the hope of Jesus Christ, namely His return. And so many good things happened in 2012:

  • My book reviewing has increased. Groups like Penguin and DeMoss picked me up as a book reviewer.
  • Praise and Coffee in Anthem, Arizona and ACFW in Tempe asked me to speak at their groups.
  • Writing for The Soul was phenomenal in February. I took my first plane ride to Denver (sadly, alone) and was able to meet editors, agents, and fellow writers. At the first appointment, an agent asked to see a book proposal for, “The Rose Door,” a paranormal Christian fantasy. Even though it was rejected, her compliments encouraged me.
  • I started a crossover Christian speculative fiction called, The Anomaly and I am 31 pages into it with a soft deadline of six months.
  • Began the process of forging together a magazine called, The Relevant Christian, due to be launched Spring, 2013. We have a great crew of editors.
  • Dayspring’s “Incourage” twice published two of my devotions at incourage.me.
  • A devotion was accepted for Dena Dyer’s anthology, Wounded Women of the Bible, due out in 2013.
  • Mark Littleton accepted a devotion for his anthology, but due to complications the book was discontinued for now.
  • Elisabeth Bernstein of the Wall Street Journal interviewed me as part of her column, Dysfunctional Family Bingo.
  • I ran my first half marathon in September and got hooked on running. I ran 13.5 miles in 2:29 at the Tour De PeeVee and in December ran 10 miles in 1:40 at Frosty’s Run.
  • Ghost blogged for a business and earned my first paycheck.
  • Enjoyed a generous Christmas thanks be to God for His blessings.
  • Our refinance went through just in time for the fiscal cliff.
  • I also made valuable connections for future articles, including a movie preview (March).
  • Became a blogger for the Chino Valley Review.
  • A successful week-long series called, Christian Fiction: Is It Effective?, brought in great discussion. It was so good, in fact, that I gave it a permenant webpage so people can read it at their leisure.

2013 may look uncertain, but my trust is in Jesus. I forge forward planning to circulate The Rose Door while working on The Anomaly—two very different novels though both in the speculative fiction genre. What I would like to see from you is more discussion on my blogs and suggestions, too. What would you like to see in 2013? Please let me know. Every year I go through my blog and make some changes.

Your input would prove invaluable. And I love talking to you so I encourage more discussion. Don’t be afraid to be controversial. As long as we are kind and loving to each other and agree to disagree, discussion is healthy—it’s iron sharpening iron, as they say.


My First Half-Marathon: Tour De PeeVee (Will You Pledge?)

Why does it feel like a cliche to lose a bunch of weight and then want to run a marathon?

On Saturday, September 22, I will be running my first half-marathon for the Tour De PeeVee. If I raise $150 in pledges before the race, they will waive my fee. That will help mightily in the financial department as well as help the Boys and Girls Club here. Please consider donating by emailing me a pledge at nikolehahn@thehahnhuntinglodge.com.

Please send a check before mid-September to:

Nikole Hahn, P.O. Box 3175, Chino Valley, AZ 86323