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Guest Post: Bibles for Brian

By Sheila Lagrand

Will you please send my friend Brian a Bible? Or two Bibles? or ten? They’re for a great cause.

My friend Brian Short and I went to junior high and high school together. We reconnected via Facebook not too long ago. Brian has found his salvation in our King, Jesus Christ. He also recently celebrated a year of sobriety after living with alcoholism.

Brian needs Bibles, and he’s asked me to spread the word. They’ll be distributed in San Diego this fall at the San Diego Lowrider Gospel Fest. This annual event shares hope with gang members, drug addicts, and kids at risk of gang activity. It’s a “least of these” population, if you will.

I’d like you to hear Brian’s own words, taken from his Facebook posts on the day this project began.

March 16
I had just finished praying and as I was pouring a cup of coffee to sit and enjoy my quiet time of the day, my phone went off. My friend Tim called. He and I have shared faith as we walked through sobriety. I gave him a Bible and some books about God’s grace. He asked me for 5,000 bibles to be given away at something called Gospel Fest. I replied without thinking. “Five loafs and two fish.” I have ten in my closest to start with…Good morning Beautiful…

A busy blessed day. I now have five more Bibles than I started out with. If you want to help in this Micah 6.8 project. Send a Bible or two to 270 C St #10 E , Chula Vista Ca 91910. An elder at the church just ordered a case of 24 for a starting point. He multiplies well. I will keep you all posted. Sheila, if you want to share this with the blog universe feel free. It would be so cool if 5000 faces could participate in sharing the Word.

I just got in. A long blessed evening. My friend and brother in God’s work, Tim Dominguez. He is the one who asked for the Bibles. We talked about his Ministry. Ex Gang members who are working to spread Christ to at risk kids, drug addicts, and alcoholics. I listened and shared faith with a couple of members. We look different and have different paths. But the power of God’s grace and redeeming power was evident. Sweet dreams Angel…

Sheila here, again. Since this day last month, Brian has gathered over 500 Bibles. That’s ten percent of his goal. He has many more Bibles to gather.

Will you please do one or more of these things?

  1. Would you please share a link to this post so others might be inspired to send a Bible?
  2. Would you prayerfully consider sending one or more Bibles to Brian Short at:  270 C St #10 E , Chula Vista CA 91910
  3. I can purchase Bibles for less than two dollars a copy. My church, Trabuco    Canyon Community Church, has partnered with me to help Brian gather Bibles. You may write a check to the church and we’ll pool the funds and order Bibles for Brian’s project. You may mail checks, payable to the church, to me at P.O. Box 117, Trabuco Canyon, CA 92678.
  4. Will you pray for Brian’s Bible-gathering project, for his pal Tim, and for everyone involved with the San Diego Lowrider Gospel Fest that God would use these hands and feet, these opportunities, for His glory?

Thank you, and God bless you.

He has told you, O man, what is good;
and what does the Lord require of you
but to do justice, and to love kindness,
and to walk humbly with your God?
Micah 6:8 (NASB)

April 15, 2012: 504 Bibles collected.

April 20, 2012: 566 Bibles collected.