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Book Review: Blue Moon Bay

Blue Moon Bay by Lisa Wingate explores the concept of family in an intense novel about returning home, running away, and facing the shadows of the past. This southern-spiced novel brings us to Heather Hampton’s hometown of Moses Lake, Texas as she hurries to close a land deal between her family and her Seattle, Washington firm who represents Proxica—a large, Texas commercial farming company interested in developing her uncle’s land.

It’s the first time Heather has been able to head a large deal at her firm. Her reputation, her future at her firm rests upon the flakiness of her mother and her restless brother and quirky uncles. During a presentation, a phone call from her so-called boyfriend and mother alert Heather to the complications all ready arising. A disastrous flight out to Moses Lake, Texas brings her to the place she has run from all her life—a home of secrets and grief.

Her father was shot in Moses Lake in the basement of their home. Her view of the townspeople became colored by her emotions as a goth teenager, and it’s what she remembers as an adult. Circumstances force Heather to slow down and she becomes a reluctant participant in her family antics—a dog that hides her iPhone, chews her purse, and the entire clan stepping outside with spades to locate the items the dog buried. Heather meets Blaine Underhill, a high school heartthrob, and at first, I am not sure I liked him. She had so much suspicion about his intentions and involvement in the land deal.

On the surface, the deal with Proxica looks good, even healthy for the town as it would bring in so many much needed jobs. She can’t understand the secrets everyone is harboring and she isn’t sure of Blaine’s intentions with the land deal or what his involvement could mean.

Wingate manages to keep me tethered to the story even after I have temporarily put it down for the day, and I couldn’t wait to get back to it. Her romantic storyline is not predictable. You are left wondering during the first half of the book if Blaine is likable, and then if he is the one, or will she return to her so-called boyfriend that she’s mistreated emotionally—having left the boyfriend wanting in the relationship for the emotional vacuum that she herself lives in. I had marked so many quotable areas in Blue Moon Bay, but rather than tease you with that, I will encourage you to read the book. It’s worth the time. I give this book five stars. She’s earned every star.

*Book given by Bethany House Publishers to review.