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Growing in The Waiting

Waiting is probably the hardest thing to do, and yet, it is what God throws my way each time. Whether it’s waiting at three red lights in a row, in line at the grocery store as a seventy-something year old woman searches for that dime because she doesn’t want change, or for the two people crossing the crosswalk to realize there’s a car waiting. The antidote to my impatience is waiting.

In the waiting, growth happens. I am reminded of the song, “I will worship while I’m waiting.”  I now sing that in my head every time I wait, turning my focus from the waiting and the irritation or wondering of it, to Jesus. Writers wait for a rejection or acceptance. People wait for word on that job promotion. Others are waiting for their current storm to pass.

Enjoy the music video of that song as you wait for whatever it is you are waiting to happen. May I pray for you?

Lord Jesus, Please help us grow in the waiting. Help us to see your footprints so we know what direction to go in this crazy world, and not be lulled into complacency. In Jesus Name, Amen.


Has Anyone Seen My Self-Confidence?

The intention was to re-examine how I ask for help and use my gifts to re-think volunteer strategy. I wrote a paragraph describing what it’s like to help in an area that needed more volunteers. The other day that paragraph of what I wrote was read back to me for grammar correction.

Complete strangers read my manuscripts. Their criticisms do not terrify me. However, people I respect who read my manuscripts make me tremble.

I tensed.

The person reading it back pointed out one word and I laughed at myself for getting so nervous. Most people can’t wrap their minds around how a gregarious person can be shy.  I find that trait in my personality annoying.

Why is it that I can submit the first 1500 words to a thick-skin critique without blinking an eye and yet when my friends read it I want to hide my head in the sand like an ostrich?

The first time I participated in my Word Weavers critique group my stomach felt as if someone had taken it in both hands and gave it a good twist. Surprisingly, it went well and has been going well ever since. My confidence is growing.

Lately, I trembled at the thought of friends reading my novel should it become published. That shyness again and fear of rejection returned and I know I must be as brave as I am in blogging. Not everyone will like it. I expect criticism and I expect some will love it. It’s the rocky path I chose to walk.

Can you relate?