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It’s Not Racist

My husband likes to turn on the television to his favorite news channel usually during the work week. Twitter and Facebook give him the necessary outlet for his political discussions. He doesn’t rant. In fact, his mission is noble. He is teaching people via his actions how discussion and disagreement are not an end to friendship, but the beginning of a great conversation where two people can part as friends. Higher powers in this country would have us believe otherwise–that a disagreement is racist or it somehow equates to hate no matter how well the disagreement is delivered. Passion is misunderstood for anger. Both sides of the political aisle have been guilty of getting angry, even defensive when they are discussing things.

I challenge you to follow this line of talking. The next time you are having a debate or discussion, temper your tone, and do not name call. Name calling is really juvenile. If you lose your temper, immediately apologize. Walk away from the debate for a moment, gather your thoughts, and begin again.

I am so proud of my husband. He’s an inspiration to me.



Starbucks, Girl Scouts, and Me


Remember when I wrote this article, Boycott: The War Cry?

Boycotts are effective, like in One Million Moms that fight bad programming or commercials on television most parents would object to, even the American Family Association has had some success in recent years. Your voice matters, but Perry Noble, senior pastor at Newspring Church, disagrees with the method:

“My question then would be, “what did you win?”  You succeeded in making a point, but you still have not made a difference.” Noble insists it is a matter of the heart. “…only JESUS has the power to change a heart, only through the proclamation of the GOSPEL will people hear about Jesus, and when Jesus takes over someone’s life HE will change more in five minutes that a boycott could change in 500 years.” So should we boycott?

I stopped buying Starbucks, not because of their long-held support of gay marriage, but due to the possible financial aspect of how they politically supported a same-sex bill that passed in the state of Washington. If I would vote against a same-sex marriage bill in my state, why would I give financially to support it in another state? If a boycott worked, it would harm a companies ability to continue supporting something I disagree with. That is why people boycott. However, Noble also makes a good point when he explains how many companies we’d have to boycott in order to stop financial support of an organization that help things Christians don’t agree with.

According to this site, the founder of Facebook gave $992 million to an organization that also supports Planned Parenthood. Nike announced political support towards the Oregon gay marriage initiative. The Girl Scouts tweeted some kind of pro-abortion statement.  So what do we do as Christians?

Perhaps Noble does have a point? Boycotts may still help and should be done in some cases, but bottom line: it is indeed a spiritual issue. Politically, we SHOULD fight through bills introduced in congress to protect Christians and unborn babies, and to protect marriage, but individually we should frequent places like Starbucks and work on changing their hearts one person and barista at a time through genuine friendship and love.

So, as of today, I am choosing my boycotts carefully. Starbucks may see me in their place of business on occasion (though I will do so moderately as I support locally run coffee houses). I am on the fence about the Girl Scouts. And I don’t plan on stopping my use of Facebook. Some companies grow too big, making them fearless in who they loudly support. But we can use Facebook and the products that other companies create to continue to spread the Gospel and conservative values.

What do you think about boycotts?

Anonymous Blogger: Death Tax

My Anonymous Blogger dropped off a handwritten note of upcoming bills. Some are national and some pertain to Arizona.


Nikki, please call McCain, Flake, and Gosar

1: Ask that they vote to repeal the Death Tax–the money that has already been taxed that families and businesses have worked for and should be able to be passed on to succeeding generations without penalty. This is also a job creator.

2: Vote to make repeal of the marriage penalty tax permanent. An institution which is the building blocks of society and best atmosphere to raise (according to statistics) healthy, physically , and mentally and emotionally children. Marriage should be encouraged and not penalized. It is the best “preventer” of poverty, drug use, sexual promiscuity, school drop-outs, and other societal ills.

3: Let us keep control of the internet in the US. It began here. Let’s keep it here under the direction of those who are accountable to the American people.

4: According to economic experts, our country could be financially solvent in a very short time if we don’t utilize our natural resources-coal, natural gas, etc. Let’s keep our priorities right–the welfare and livelihood of the human being is more important than the preservation of the habitat of a plant or animal. When there is a confluct , let’s rightly choose life for the apex of God’s creation-the homosapian. Environmental protection of the air and water should be reasonable and rational, not based on doubtful and uncertain scientific theory.

Anonymous Blogger: Obama Trying For Third Term!

ccv resources.com

My Anonymous Blogger has submitted something again. I also encourage you, not just to take her word on it, but to also research these bills yourself. While we are blinded by whatever the media chooses to monopolies our attentions, bills and world events continue.

Please call McCain, Flake, Gosar, and the White House:

1: Ask that our government equip, arm and train the Ukrainian people so that they are able to defend themselves against a potential Russian invasion. Restore the protective missile defense shield to Poland as promised previously.

2: Call McCain, Flake, and Gosar: Cut ALL waste, fraud and abuse from the military, but no reduction in troop strength.

3: Call McCain and Flake: Because of his extreme position on gun control and lack of experience vote against confirmation of Dr. Uivek Murphy to the position of Surgeon General of the United States. We can do better!

4: Call Gosar: Vote NO to House Joint Resolution 15–which proposes an amendment to the Constitution to repeal the 22nd Amendment which limits the number of terms an individual may serve as President. From Rush Limbaugh…listen here.

Anonymous Blogger: Repeal Obamacare!

Our Anonymous Blogger has contributed again. Here are the issues she’d like to bring to your attention:

Please call: Flake, McCain, and Gosar

1: Because of proven corruption, ask that all taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood cease.

2: Support passage of Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) bill HR3279. The Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act ensures that Americans know whether the plans they are choosing and paying for, cover abortion.

3: Support passage of Ted Cruz’s SB177, Repeal of Obamacare, if a detailed, comprehensive, and viable alternative is presented.

4: Ask that our government give humanitarian aid and assistance to Christians and other religious minorities where possible and bring pressure on governments who condone the persecution by all lawful means (i.e. boycott, sanctions, etc). Please call the White House Comment Line on this one as well as Flake, McCain, and Gosar.

My Anonymous Blogger gives permission for this information to be duplicated without giving credit.

Anonymous Blogger: Call The White House

From my Anonymous Blogger:

Please call the White House comment line: 1-202-456-1111. Also, call McCain, Flake, and Gosar.

  1. No deal with Iran unless and until there is verifiable dismantling of Iran’s nuclear military program. We need to support, defend, and protect Isreal above all else.
  2. Ask them to support passage of HR7–The No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act will stop abortion funding by the federal government.


Kitchen Theology


Theology can be talked about on Sundays, recorded at conferences – but it’s lived in kitchens or it dies at tables. Doctrine in the kitchen is doctrine in real life. Don’t belittle everyday pots and pans — they are the means to carry theology into the everyday of our lives. The mother in the kitchen is the one who can actually give life to the words of the speaker on the platform. Platform words are dead words – until brave people live them out in the kitchen. – Ann Voskamp, When You’re Missing Feeling Loved: How to Practice The Presence of God

The mother in the kitchen is the one who can actually give life to the words of the speaker on the platform,” says Ann. I read this from my phone and sigh.

Courage is practiced in the kitchen at family gatherings when discussions range from what shoes were bought at the mall to politics and religion. The kitchen conversation is where family has power over culture. If we don’t have these conversations, the sermon on Sunday is forgotten, like the shoes in my back closet next to the dust bunnies. If we don’t read the Bible, pray together, or discuss the things that matter no matter how controversial, the culture will make inroads into our children’s minds.

And really, the war is over the minds and spirits of our children. A culture isn’t changed through force or laws, but through the slow integration of teachings via public schools, preschools, and their friends who may not believe in God or in balancing a budget.

When I taught at a preschool, the curriculum taught children younger than five years old to notice a person’s color in a very politically correct way. A person’s color shouldn’t be the first thing we notice. A person’s character should matter, and that’s where those kitchen conversations are invaluable.

Let’s talk about Sunday’s sermon as a family.

Let’s talk about the country.

Let’s have a discussion.

Culture only has as much power as our families allow. We can take back our children’s mind one tweet, status, and kitchen table discussion at a time. So wipe the dust off of your kitchenaide and make some chocolate chip cookies one Sunday afternoon. Gather your family around the kitchen and talk for real.

Anonymous Blogger: United Nations

An envelope was left for me from my anonymous blogger. As exciting as that sounds, I really do know her name. She has asked to remain anonymous, but spends hours calling people and spreading the word in typical, grass roots fashion. So here is her latest!

ccv resources.com

Dear Nikole,

According to GOP Senator, Bob Corker, we already have sufficient laws in our country to protect children. Please call Kyle and McCain to ask them to vote against the ratification of the United Nations Treaty on children with disabilities act. We would be ceding our authority to the United Nations that belongs to our country.

Please call Kyle, McCain and Gosar:

1) Ask them to support A or H168 (couldn’t read her writing) – The Voter Fraud Prevention Act–to stop illegal immigrants from being free to participate in the United States elections.

Please call Kyle and McCain:

2) Reiterate to them that we want no part in the ratification of any treaty with the United Nations–in particular United Nations Global Taxes–Gun Control, laws on small arms treaties. Those regarding guns are something the enemies of our country, within and without, could use to take control of our weapons at their discretion. As far as gun control, we can pass our own laws here in the U.S. (Note from Nikki: I do not agree that there should be any gun control as that only affects law-abiding citizens, not criminals; we all ready have criminal laws for murder and such to prosecute) and do not need or want to give control of that to the United Nations.

Contact Gosar:

3) From a letter sent to Gosar: “A catastrophic bill has cleared the U.S. Senate that will give Obama’s Executive Branch and the Internal Revenue Service unprecedented power to confiscate American citizens’ passports, relegate them to the “no fly list” and thereby strip them of personal firearms ownership.” Please stop the bill called, “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act” (MAP 21) also, “restricts foreign travel and triggers a train of abuses against civil liberties, solely on a claim by the IRS that $50,000 or more is owed in unpaid taxes.

“MAP 21 would further attack the Second Amendment because when a citizen goes on the “no-fly list,” his name is enrolled among potential domestic terrorists, who cannot be allowed to bear arms. The bill also includes a mandate for putting location tracking black boxes into personal vehicles, even though there is neither a rational nor scientific need, nor any other justification for such Orwellian Big Brother intrusion by government into the sphere of citizens private freedom of action.”

“Don’t be fooled by an offer for Keystone Pipeline funding. Please include that in other bills.”

(name deleted)

Anonymous Blogger: Islands Off The Coast of Alaska

Every month a woman who spends many hours compiling political information and calling our congress puts together the most important bills. She doesn’t have a computer and hand delivers her post to me. Her diligence is to our benefit.

ccv resources.comDear Nikki,

Call Kyle, McCain, and Gosar to support HR2560–Cut, Cap, and Balance Act (she included a copy of the bill in my letter, but if you google it, you can find the same information. However, I am willing to scan and email it to you, if you request it.).

We have called about the following before, but I think it would be advisable to do so again.

Call Kyle, McCain and Gosar to vote NO on Senate Bill 6–a back door to amnesty bill.

Call Kyle, McCain, and Gosar to vote against allowing our sovereign islands off of the coast of Alaska to be given away or sold for any reason to Russia. As well as being part of the soveriegn U.S. they are oil and fish rich (the State Department is attempting to do this).

Thanks, (name deleted)