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Book Review: Stained Glass Hearts by Patsy Clairmont (book giveaway!)

“Stained Glass Hearts reminds us just how brightly the light of God can shine even amidst our darkest moments, uncovering the promise and possibility of redemption and transformation.” – back flap

BookSneeze chose me as one of a handful of bloggers to tweet, Facebook and blog about Women of Faith. To celebrate that moment, I chose Stained Glass Hearts by Patsy Clairmont to review and to use as a book giveaway. Like her excellent speaking, Clairmont didn’t disappoint me. The book matches her personality. It’s quirky, fun and real.

“’Make your bed’ was a divine doorway for me to reenter life.” She says on page 10. Clairmont was agoraphobic, and depressed among other things. She is a popular speaker at Women of Faith conferences now sharing her pain and humor so that other women going through the same things can also ‘make (their) bed.’ I like her outlook. I like her sarcasm and her love of all things art. At the end of every chapter, there are fun exercises to view art, music and poetry through the eyes of one who has been broken.

I first sat with her book in my favorite chair, nursing a cup of tea, while my husband watched baseball, and the first page made me feel as if she, too, sat across from me. We were sharing tea, laughs and tears. I felt as if every page lived up to my expectations of Patsy Clairmont’s speaking. So leave a comment today and I’ll put your name in a drawing to win this nice, hard cover book from BookSneeze. Names will be drawn on September 29 and the winners announced on Friday, September 30 post. All commenters from previous Women of Faith posts are also entered.

Thank you for following my Women of Faith posts for the last month and a half. There may be other Women of Faith posts in the near future and I am waiting still for those guest blogs. Meanwhile, won’t you share your favorite Patsy Clairmont moment today?

*Book Given From Publisher to Review*

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Women of Faith: Book Giveaway @booksneeze

Booksneeze just so happened to have two books available that were this year’s Phoenix Women of Faith speakers: Brenda Warner and Patsy Clairmont. I agonized over which one to review and chose Patsy Clairmont. Clairmont has always been a close second in my favorite speakers at Women of Faith. No one can take away the number one spot from Sheila Walsh.

Sheila Walsh’s book hold a special place in my heart because her books helped me to see God through my situation by diligent study of the Bible and witty reminders of His grace and mercy. But Patsy Clairmont always makes me laugh.

So in honor of being one of the many bloggers chosen to follow Women of Faith, I will be posting my review of Stained Glass Hearts: Seeing Life From A Broken Perspective on September 26. Leave a comment on that review by September 28. I’ll draw a name on September 29 and annouce the winner on Friday’s post.

The winner will also have the option of sending me a post on what part of Clairmont’s book really touched her.

Life is no doubt full of difficulties, but it is also filled with promise and possibility,” says best-selling author and WOF speaker Patsy Clairmont. In Stained Glass Hearts Clairmont guides readers to view the difficult experiences of life through the lens of God’s grace. Using art as a theme, and likening people to stained glass windows, she shares that it’s when we’re surrounded by darkness that His healing light shines most brightly within us. Encouraging women to step back and see life from this new perspective, Patsy offers help and hope for the dark places of life.

Along with character studies of women in Scripture, and modern-day, relatable stories, each chapter includes:
– Chalice—memorable quotes
– Mosaic—recommended music
– Spires—scriptures and readings
– Litany—sample prayers from here.