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I’m Closing The Door For Good

You can’t go forward if the door behind you is still open. As I look out my front window, the sunflowers nod in the slight breeze and reflects the sunlight of the morning.

Sunflowers are the strongest flower. In spite of its shallow roots, they grow back every year. In fact, my sunflowers evolved. The seed I originally planted was for a mammoth sunflower, but over the years the plant has given a bounty of small flowers. It’s branches are always filled with hummingbirds and other wild birds. Like that sunflower, I am evolving, too, and a door is shutting.

This blog has run its course.

Over the past five years, your friendship and your patience have been a blessing to me. This blog has helped me work through some traumatic circumstances, to heal and forgive. I am not leaving the online community, but changing “homes.”

In 2013, I published, with the help of volunteer editors and writers, my online magazine, and in 2015, I will launch a new missionary organization. I will also still write, social network, and intend to focus on only three websites:


This will remain the same as my writing website and social network consulting business site.



This will also remain the same as my free online magazine. Occasionally, we may publish ebooks for sale.


My new missionary organization is now in its prelaunch stage. It will be fully functional on January 12, 2015.




If you have subscribed to this blog, my webmaster will transfer over all subscribers to Cataclysm Missions International (CMI). The website is still being worked on, so I have made it easy for you to register for the newsletter to be kept updated on the developments of the organization:

Sign Up Now


Thank you for being a part of my life. I hope you will continue to take interest. Friend me on my personal page here. Or follow me on twitter. Or even youtube. I’m shutting the door to the past now. My story can still help others so this blog will remain up, and not deleted, but not active.

Please pray as I and my husband eagerly look to the future. My past doesn’t define me. God defines me.



“Thirdly, Israel was to be a holy nation. Holiness in the Bible is not just something ethereal which invades audiences on Sunday morning, making them somewhat listless and passive. Holiness is wholeness. To be holy is to be wholly the Lord’s.”

– Walter C. Kaiser, Perspectives.org, Israel’s Missionary Call

Share This and Make a Difference

Widgets are set up on this site so people can contribute whatever amount to a specific need, and partner with us in this amazing opportunity to make a difference in the world.


In these difficult economic times, I completely understand that you can’t donate, but would ask then that you share this link with your friends in your emails or on your social media or blogs. If you do this, let me know so I can give you a public thank you on all social media sites. This is handy if you have a blog as I will also promote your blog or book for doing so! So share this link and help a friend out: www.gofundme.com/TRCMagazine

Forbidden Questions

thepast1My friends and I were discussing the social gospel. I am friends with people who dive whole-heartily into social justice, but the homeless situation isn’t changing. The entitlement attitude is getting more aggressive.

Another friend says poverty is more than a physical lack. There’s poverty in spirit. Because I don’t serve with the homeless, I can’t write on that, but I will say this:

How come, when a Christian questions a ministry like that, people get offended, defensive, and even go so far as to boycott or call another Christian a non-Christian? These are forbidden questions one doesn’t ask unless among close friends in whispers. You risk people being mean to you because you asked. So people like us watch the problem get worse.

Some stories come out that encourage me, like a man looking for work to get out of his homelessness. I want to help that man. Or how people in a church help out a widow. Or how someone turns away from a lesbian lifestyle to live for Christ. Or how someone gets a free bike so he could get to his job.

What if everyone who gave financial help required the person asking for it to put in “community service,” like helping someone else with a physical need or assigning them to work so many hours in some kind of volunteer position?

So many beautiful places, like San Diego and Denver, are becoming a safety hazard and a garbage heap. Pan handlers dot the beach front in San Diego. Downtown Denver, with it’s beautiful architecture, has hundreds of homeless. The bathrooms in Balboa Park are filled with trash, chained shut and unusable. When people talk about banning homeless, it isn’t because they are cold-hearted, but the homeless have caused a situation. The laws and culture protect them. The charity programs and welfare have made the life ideal. Many refuse to leave that lifestyle.

There are needs out in our world, and I can’t help but wonder if we could change the work ethic in our country by allowing people to have this discussion and talk about possible solutions, instead of getting angry, shouting them to silence, and worsening the poverty situation. Of course, I’m not talking about the mentally challenged, and I’m not saying abandon someone entirely at all.

I like what Benjamin Franklin said (emphasis mine):

I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I travelled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.”

Share your thoughts and your stories. How can we change the work ethic in America? How can we fight poverty?

Growing in The Waiting

Waiting is probably the hardest thing to do, and yet, it is what God throws my way each time. Whether it’s waiting at three red lights in a row, in line at the grocery store as a seventy-something year old woman searches for that dime because she doesn’t want change, or for the two people crossing the crosswalk to realize there’s a car waiting. The antidote to my impatience is waiting.

In the waiting, growth happens. I am reminded of the song, “I will worship while I’m waiting.”  I now sing that in my head every time I wait, turning my focus from the waiting and the irritation or wondering of it, to Jesus. Writers wait for a rejection or acceptance. People wait for word on that job promotion. Others are waiting for their current storm to pass.

Enjoy the music video of that song as you wait for whatever it is you are waiting to happen. May I pray for you?

Lord Jesus, Please help us grow in the waiting. Help us to see your footprints so we know what direction to go in this crazy world, and not be lulled into complacency. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Why Social Media Shouldn’t be Your Own Paparazzi

Social Media tends to make everyone a celebrity. By definition, status means, “high standing, prestige.” So every day that people update their “status” on social media, some cleave to that kind of thinking. 

Born from this are the hundred selfies people post online, the carefully cropped photos, and the separation of private life from public life. I read an article on how social media was set up like a paparazzi so everyone could feel like a celebrity. If you study how the successful marketers like the Obama campaign managed their social media, you would be left breathless at the success of it. I see social media in a different light. 

What if every Bible-only believing online Christian paid attention to what they posted? What if we examined our profiles as if we were an unsaved secular person? What would our social media say about us? What if every Bible-only believing Christian united together and posted with purpose and forethought? 

Yes, we’d each have our different denominations, but every Bible-only believing Christian church could unite while maintaining their individual personalities. I propose we leave the scandals of church out of our media, stop bashing church leaders online and on the golf course, and keep accountability within each individual church, using social media instead to help propel the Gospel first.

I’m building a new movement.

Will you help me fund it? Will you join me? Let’s use social media to shine Christ’s light through us into a dark world. Study the successful campaign of the Billy Graham Crusades, and you’ll see the foundation in which they built their organization. 

Learn more by clicking on this link:www.gofundme.com/TRCMagazine 

Get Involved With Cataclysm Missions International in 2015



Launching January, 2015!

Where two forces come together resulting on one powerful voice for the Gospel.
Real Life Church + Online Church = One Voice
Equip and Educate the Christian

Definition: According to the definition of Cataclysm, it is a deluge or something that brings about great change. Our website was thus named Cataclysm. Missions and international were added later to give it more identity. The description is the kind of change we’d like to see: bringing the offline world online and the online world to church.

Four Ways to be Involved (three have an application process):

  • Blogger/Social Media: This position is the least time-consuming. The former/current pastor, missionary, or ministry leader (and me) will write at least one blog a month on one of the categories. The goal is to teach the pew Christian to be at ease with technology and social media as well as to educate them on missions and other religions/cults, and how to engage others online.
  • Online Social Media Missionary: After the person is accepted into this position, they promise to spend a minimum of an hour on an online forum a week, praying for, being a friend with, and when the Holy Spirit prods, speak truth into the lives they interact with. If someone comes to know Christ or is looking for a church, the missionary will help connect them with a church in the person’s local area by contacting churches, looking online at their websites, and helping the person find the right church home.
  • Community Volunteer: This is someone in real life who interacts with local churches in his or her area, getting them to become social media aware, and teaching them technology, etiquette, and how to bring awareness to their congregation on using their social media with more missional intent. This person can speak to all age ranges who use social media, too, like youth groups.
  • Donations: While I am working at possibly making Cataclysm a non-profit, for now the way to pay for this new venture is to cross-network. Someone makes a donation, and we list them on the donation page. The size of the donation will differentiate between how big of a mention, like a graphic or just a text thank you. Each thank you will be linked back to the business, ministry, or church who donated. It’s exactly like selling advertisements online. Meanwhile, you may donate here to help me start it and make TRC Magazine evolve as well.

Cataclysm Missions International will benefit all churches as its goal is to remind the church of the Biblical concept of church--that is a church is not a building, but a body. It is about educating the Christian on the many religions and cults of the world, technology, social media, and on missions. That we can work together to engage the culture by using the tools available to us and promote the positive rather than the negative, and offer a genuine hand of friendship to the non-believer or the home-bound online. Even help a believer who hasn’t been to church in a long time by connecting them with one in their area.

Did you know about the unreached people groups in the United States? Or who the biggest internet user is in the world (Hint: It’s not us)?

It Made Me Cry

Yes, I nearly cried again.

Good thing no one was around. I could quickly dab at my eyes, pause the video, and feel my heart fill with unimaginable joy at the growth of the camp.

For those of you who don’t know, this is where we were this past May. We were in Honduras. We helped build a cabin. The video here is the past and present of the camp. I have also put a link to my video beneath it for comparison. Most of this video shows the vast improvements the next team did after we went home.

That camp blessed me and I miss it.


Jesus Walked

When I read last week’s blog to my husband, he asked about the effect of Jesus’ walk in his ministry. Jesus walked 13,500 miles before and 15,000 miles during his ministry. One of my goals in Cataclysm Missions International is to bring the online world to the pews, and the pews to the online world.

Technology isn’t bad. Like carrying a gun, technology, like the gun, is a tool. It’s not the tool that is wrong, but the person behind it who chooses to misuse the tool. Christians who don’t take advantage of the technology for evangelism and for engaging the culture is missing a great opportunity. I’m not saying that the old ways don’t work, but we must also embrace the new ways. Jesus walked.

Jesus had face-to-face ministry. I wonder what would have happened if Jesus came first during our time? Would He have used the technology? That’s the question my husband asked. We, too, can have face-to-face ministry, but also acknowledge and embrace the new mission field of the online world. People who use it are people who were hurt by church and don’t attend; people of other religions, countries, and people groups; people who are unsaved; and people who are homebound by illness or a handicap and the online world is their only social outlet. It’s their only church in some places.

So when I start Cataclysm Missions International in January I intend to embrace the old and new.

Looking For Bloggers


Cataclysm Missions International is looking for bloggers who already write on the different religious worldviews to that audience (i.e. former Muslims to a Muslim or former Muslim audience). Because the job of CMI is to educate and equip, CMI feels that educating Christians on the different worldviews is essential for any Christian to differentiate what is true and what is false.

If you are that blogger, you may email me at nikolehahn@thehahnhuntinglodge.com with your blog link.

If chosen, your blog link will be added to CMI’s website in January under a religious menu. But you must be a Christian with a mission to teach the truth to an audience who believes in a different worldview than you. If you would like to start a blog with that in mind, query me with your blog address. I will make a decision to add you by December 1, 2014.