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Book Review: Indelible

Savants like Kim Peek?” He’d researched thoroughly.

What did you learn?

Peek was missing a part that connects the two sides of the brain. Each of his eyes relayed independent information, so he read the left and right pages of a book simultaneously—and recalled over ninety-eight percent of the twelve thousand books he read.” He extended his pointer.

– Indelible; Waterbrook-Multinomah Book Reviews; Random House Publishing

Natalie Reeves is a sculptor, and not just any sculptor, but an eidetic. She has a prophets stare that makes people squirm because she can see past a person’s walls. She’s learned to avert her eyes and put up her own walls, because her gift of sculpting faces chases people away. It’s a gift to some; a curse to others who don’t wish to see the real them in clay. Trevor McDaniel, a former Olympian Skier and search and rescue volunteer runs the shop next door to her gallery. He was there when Natalie’s nephew was taken by a mountain lion, and rescued him before her nephew became that one’s meal. Media coverage of the event catches the attention of a stalker—a twisted man who was once a boy no one rescued.

The book formatting gave me trouble. It was an ARC—manuscript form and that perhaps might be the reason. In knowing this, I struggled to get a feel of the reading experience and the story. In spite of the confusion of the formatting, I couldn’t stop reading this book.

The way the characters developed through the chapters really attracted me to them. Natalie’s gift made her the favorite in the story. I enjoyed watching her learn, struggle with so many obstacles in her new life, and in her attraction with Trevor. Fleur, her blind friend, became my second favorite. I did like Trevor, but his character didn’t shine as much as Natalie or Fleur. That didn’t detract from the story at all. The way the stalker moved about in the story made it seem as if this was not a romantic suspense, but something supernatural. That threw me off a little.

Indelible was a page-turner. My husband couldn’t get me away from the book as I closed in on the last few pages. I would rate this book four-stars. Nearly perfect. I can’t wait to read “Indivisible”; her next book in the series where we focus on police chief Jonah Westfall as he attempts to penetrate the secrets that the town of Redford hides.

*A free copy of this book was given to review.