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Growing in The Waiting

Waiting is probably the hardest thing to do, and yet, it is what God throws my way each time. Whether it’s waiting at three red lights in a row, in line at the grocery store as a seventy-something year old woman searches for that dime because she doesn’t want change, or for the two people crossing the crosswalk to realize there’s a car waiting. The antidote to my impatience is waiting.

In the waiting, growth happens. I am reminded of the song, “I will worship while I’m waiting.”  I now sing that in my head every time I wait, turning my focus from the waiting and the irritation or wondering of it, to Jesus. Writers wait for a rejection or acceptance. People wait for word on that job promotion. Others are waiting for their current storm to pass.

Enjoy the music video of that song as you wait for whatever it is you are waiting to happen. May I pray for you?

Lord Jesus, Please help us grow in the waiting. Help us to see your footprints so we know what direction to go in this crazy world, and not be lulled into complacency. In Jesus Name, Amen.


It’s The Devil’s Fault


Attacks do happen when evil doesn’t want God’s purpose realized. But sometimes evil gets the blame for the consequences of our own decisions or lack thereof.

  • Like saying yes when I should have said no.
  • Like gaining weight because of eating poorly or exercising too little.
  • Like complaining when things aren’t happening due to my inaction.
  • Like not researching something well when it sounds too good to be true.
  • Like expecting opportunities to come to me and wondering why nothing is happening?

I’ve said yes many times before consulting with God. So it’s not always the devil’s fault when things go wrong in our lives. God gives us the tools to make wise decisions. We don’t always exercise wisdom in our decision-making and blame the devil and his minions when things go wrong.