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Someone Planted, Someone Watered, Someone Harvested

It’s just not practical for us to have a large yard while both of us hold full time jobs and I write as a second job. In reading Where Lilacs Still Bloom by Jane Kirkpatrick I wanted to feel the warm earth on my hands and see the satisfaction of work materialize as I watch the seeds take root and become something amazing. But I am not a gardener. I plant different kinds of seeds.

I dip my hands into humanity and take part in it. It’s as hazardous as gardening. I never know when a bee might sting or a spider might scare me. Like gardening, you have very little control of how the seeds you plant may grow. Growing is painful. The seed may not turn out exactly as you thought and sometimes the ground may reject the seed, like some of the vegetables I once planted. I planted chives and thought the seeds had failed. The following year it pleased me to see that my chives thrived under my neglect. They grew sideways and they grew trampled. They grew in drought and returned every year. The dry, nutrient-starved soil couldn’t keep those chives from growing. I think God reminds us by His creation that we are strong in Him alone.

Someone planted a seed in me throughout my growing years, and those weren’t by accident but guided by God. Someone planted, someone watered, and someone harvested. Unlike gardening, I may not see the results from my work—if they flowered, or if the last frost before spring froze the buds off the tree. Things happen sometimes that make us question God’s ways or get angry or sad. The seeds of some may not take root…ever.

And that makes me sad for those who may never know Christ. I believe that no matter how hard the enemy tries to keep someone from knowing the truth in Christ, if that person’s name is in the Book of Life, the enemy will fail. No matter how much someone may imitate the truth, God will always triumph because he sends someone to plant, someone to water, and someone to harvest to those whom He has called to Him.

Meanwhile, I continue praying every day for those who don’t know Him and those who struggle with their faith that do know Him.

Do you have any prayer requests today?