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Book Review: Finding Our Way Home

Finding Our Way Home by Charlene Ann Baumbich is about love, grace, and overcoming obstacles. Sasha Davis once graced the stage of major theaters, dazzling people with amazing ballet movements, rising in the world, and becoming famous with husband, Donald Major until secrets and a fall separated them. Sasha clung to her privacy—bitter, guilt-ridden, and apt to frequently lash out at her new assistant, Evelyn Burt.

Evelyn’s voice crackles with youth and optimism. Her biggest curse is her mouth as she tends to speak when she should remain sensitively quiet. Her stubbornness gets her in trouble, but in the end it is the blessing of Evelyn’s outspokenness and hope which turns Sasha’s life around.

Sasha begins as an angry, self-absorbed woman who can’t stop feeling sorry for herself. It wasn’t just the fall that took away her ability to dance, but the secrets she feels would have made her estranged husband unforgiving. Instead of allowing Donald Major to be the helpmate she needed during her time of therapy and in learning to walk again, Sasha hides in her mother’s old house. At first, I didn’t like Sasha; and Evelyn’s relationship with fiance, Jordan left me on the edge.

Who was Jordan? Why did he seem so cavalier and shallow when Evelyn needed direction? The strained relationship with Evelyn and her dad over Jordan is a familiar story. I’m sure every woman and teen could resonate with it, but you’re never sure if Jordan is a bad fiancee. He’s not obviously bad. At times, he is likable and responsible. His home life is a mystery to Evelyn.

As you get deeper into the novel, it is Sasha and Evelyn who become fast friends, helping each other through the difficulties to come. Finding Our Way Home is a winsome story that stirs the heart and breaks the cobwebs of complacency. You’re left in the end with hope.

I gave this novel five stars.

*Book given by publisher to review.