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Widgets are set up on this site so people can contribute whatever amount to a specific need, and partner with us in this amazing opportunity to make a difference in the world.


In these difficult economic times, I completely understand that you can’t donate, but would ask then that you share this link with your friends in your emails or on your social media or blogs. If you do this, let me know so I can give you a public thank you on all social media sites. This is handy if you have a blog as I will also promote your blog or book for doing so! So share this link and help a friend out: www.gofundme.com/TRCMagazine


It’s Not About Numbers

God is leading me to become a

Churches worry about numbers.

Bloggers worry about numbers.

It’s good to show that kind of growth, but our main concern and focus should be on the people we retain on our blog and in our church. That’s where I am at now. I am working on growing my platform, but in calling it a platform, I can forget the humanity of it. In fact, I don’t publish stories that are controversial if I am only publishing it to be controversial and to grow my numbers. I am focusing on you as a person.

In social media speak, you are my neighbor. I care about your problems.

In 2015, I will change from this blog to http://www.cataclysmmissionsintl.com because blogging here at Life Upside Down is ending. That part of my life is done. I look at life upside down still, but I have grown, healed, and moved on. My intentions are still to help those that struggle, but my mission has changed.

I want to mobilize people to get online and befriend others. I want to educate people. I want to reach those who have been hurt by church and take their hand to help them walk back to real life church whether its a house church or a traditional church. I want to unite our Christian, Bible-only believing churches in solidarity. I want to teach them to forget about the color of the carpet, past hurts, and what kind of music might be playing, instead to focus on people and the message of Salvation, to grow as a Christian family.

So in 2015, you will find me at these three web addresses:

http://www.thehahnhuntinglodge.com (as I will continue to work on getting published)



Eventually, I would like to make Cataclysm Missions International a non-profit. I would like to work full time on all three websites so I can focus on my new mission more completely to educate and equip the believer while working at reaching the unbeliever with the message of Salvation.

But I need your help.

Non-profits don’t pay much in salary, and my husband and I live paycheck to paycheck with my current wage. Would you consider donating to my new mission?  Click here to learn more.


Get Involved With Cataclysm Missions International in 2015



Launching January, 2015!

Where two forces come together resulting on one powerful voice for the Gospel.
Real Life Church + Online Church = One Voice
Equip and Educate the Christian

Definition: According to the definition of Cataclysm, it is a deluge or something that brings about great change. Our website was thus named Cataclysm. Missions and international were added later to give it more identity. The description is the kind of change we’d like to see: bringing the offline world online and the online world to church.

Four Ways to be Involved (three have an application process):

  • Blogger/Social Media: This position is the least time-consuming. The former/current pastor, missionary, or ministry leader (and me) will write at least one blog a month on one of the categories. The goal is to teach the pew Christian to be at ease with technology and social media as well as to educate them on missions and other religions/cults, and how to engage others online.
  • Online Social Media Missionary: After the person is accepted into this position, they promise to spend a minimum of an hour on an online forum a week, praying for, being a friend with, and when the Holy Spirit prods, speak truth into the lives they interact with. If someone comes to know Christ or is looking for a church, the missionary will help connect them with a church in the person’s local area by contacting churches, looking online at their websites, and helping the person find the right church home.
  • Community Volunteer: This is someone in real life who interacts with local churches in his or her area, getting them to become social media aware, and teaching them technology, etiquette, and how to bring awareness to their congregation on using their social media with more missional intent. This person can speak to all age ranges who use social media, too, like youth groups.
  • Donations: While I am working at possibly making Cataclysm a non-profit, for now the way to pay for this new venture is to cross-network. Someone makes a donation, and we list them on the donation page. The size of the donation will differentiate between how big of a mention, like a graphic or just a text thank you. Each thank you will be linked back to the business, ministry, or church who donated. It’s exactly like selling advertisements online. Meanwhile, you may donate here to help me start it and make TRC Magazine evolve as well.

Cataclysm Missions International will benefit all churches as its goal is to remind the church of the Biblical concept of church--that is a church is not a building, but a body. It is about educating the Christian on the many religions and cults of the world, technology, social media, and on missions. That we can work together to engage the culture by using the tools available to us and promote the positive rather than the negative, and offer a genuine hand of friendship to the non-believer or the home-bound online. Even help a believer who hasn’t been to church in a long time by connecting them with one in their area.

Did you know about the unreached people groups in the United States? Or who the biggest internet user is in the world (Hint: It’s not us)?

Jesus Walked

When I read last week’s blog to my husband, he asked about the effect of Jesus’ walk in his ministry. Jesus walked 13,500 miles before and 15,000 miles during his ministry. One of my goals in Cataclysm Missions International is to bring the online world to the pews, and the pews to the online world.

Technology isn’t bad. Like carrying a gun, technology, like the gun, is a tool. It’s not the tool that is wrong, but the person behind it who chooses to misuse the tool. Christians who don’t take advantage of the technology for evangelism and for engaging the culture is missing a great opportunity. I’m not saying that the old ways don’t work, but we must also embrace the new ways. Jesus walked.

Jesus had face-to-face ministry. I wonder what would have happened if Jesus came first during our time? Would He have used the technology? That’s the question my husband asked. We, too, can have face-to-face ministry, but also acknowledge and embrace the new mission field of the online world. People who use it are people who were hurt by church and don’t attend; people of other religions, countries, and people groups; people who are unsaved; and people who are homebound by illness or a handicap and the online world is their only social outlet. It’s their only church in some places.

So when I start Cataclysm Missions International in January I intend to embrace the old and new.

Looking For Bloggers


Cataclysm Missions International is looking for bloggers who already write on the different religious worldviews to that audience (i.e. former Muslims to a Muslim or former Muslim audience). Because the job of CMI is to educate and equip, CMI feels that educating Christians on the different worldviews is essential for any Christian to differentiate what is true and what is false.

If you are that blogger, you may email me at nikolehahn@thehahnhuntinglodge.com with your blog link.

If chosen, your blog link will be added to CMI’s website in January under a religious menu. But you must be a Christian with a mission to teach the truth to an audience who believes in a different worldview than you. If you would like to start a blog with that in mind, query me with your blog address. I will make a decision to add you by December 1, 2014.

Mission Strategy: Coloring Outside the Lines

19-08-6In taking the advice of a friend to further my education in Bible and Missions, I am reading Developing a Strategy for Missions: A Biblical, Historical, and Cultural Introduction (Encountering Mission) by J.D. Payne and John Mark Terry. What strikes me is how it resonates so closely with my goals.

To paraphrase a paragraph I read at 4% through:

The Spirit interrupted Paul’s plans to plant a church in Philippi (Acts 16:6-7). I think immediately of my past ministries that had a short shelf life of 2-5 years. I was interrupted because, while these ministries were good, God had something better being planned. The writer continues on this subject:

“An example of this paradigm would include taking a tract-distribution strategy that the Lord used greatly in a highly literate part of the world and applying it in a predominately oral setting. Although the Gospel message contained in the booklet is God’s Word, relevant for everyone, the strategy would not be as effective when applied to a society primarily composed of oral learners.”

The Standard Solution the writers talk about appears to be a common exercise in church. Like what the authors conclude 5% through the book, the Standard Solution, “fails to take humanity and society into consideration.”

I’ve been hearing and reading how people are leaving the church. I’ve observed how church continues to work in a traditional sense to reach non-believers or the unchurched with programs, expecting people to come to them. It’s kind of like, “Check! We did this program! Evangelism effort done.” It’s evangelism on their terms without taking into consideration the need for love from the surrounding community; the gaping spiritual hole in the lives of the untouched and unsaved. The Standard Solution of church programs forget the relationship aspect of evangelism. Relationships take effort and time and is not age-restricted to young or old. It is not the responsibility of the leadership of the church to reach out, but rather the congregation. Neither do I see the mission quote, “Go where they are,” often exercised in the effort.

“Go where they are,” means becoming uncomfortable and learning the cultures in the people groups in your country and in foreign countries so the power of the Gospel in the lives of others becomes overwhelming, and not a barrier. That means the cultures of people groups in your own communities, whether they are white or some other race; people in our communities come from different backgrounds, both normal and dysfunctional. Going where people are means also going to the online world and engaging the culture who, like me, believe is another community; just as real as the real world. Going out of your comfort zone is not merely creating another church program in your building, but in physically seeking out unchurched and unbelievers in your community.

It means putting aside your pride and prejudices to learn new technology to engage others online, using your experience and knowledge to cultivate relationships; or perhaps, getting involved outside of your church in some secular position to get to know and learn the language of the world in order that you may help them understand the holiness of our Father. Church programs are okay, but it should not be the only strategy used for reaching people.

If we only have church programs, how is that challenging your congregation  to get out of their comfort zones? It seems to me that church programs keep congregations in their comfortable place rather than challenging them to do something non-traditional.

Let’s color outside the lines and think outside the box in our missions strategy. Jesus walked 13,500 miles before He began His ministry. After beginning His ministry, Jesus walked an additional 15,000 miles. He went where He was needed, and the online world needs a few hours of your time.

Cataclysm Missions International wants you. More information will be given to you later. Meanwhile, let me ask you: Is your primary reason for using social media to sell something or your church? Or is your first focus evangelism or discipleship? Are you in competition with other ministries and churches, or are you working with them for the greater goal of furthering the Gospel?

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