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I Have a Dream

In the next few months, I will change the direction and look of my blog. God has put a mission on my heart, and I am busy trying to make that into reality. Catagories will be restructured, erased, and simplified. Book reviews will still happen. My about page will change. My logo, “Life Upside Down,” will be retired, and a new one put up. My old blogs will remain, but you may have to search a bit to find them, or click on the soon-to-be archive page. Old blogs are good.

New will be better. 

Be patient. I can’t reveal yet what that mission will look like, but I promise you...it will be truly dynamic. In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., I have a dream.


Advertise With Me



Advertising on The Hahn Hunting Lodge

A Fox Business Correspondent once said the future is bright for businesses who are online, but for those who remain invisible, one could risk losing business. Consider advertising on The Hahn Hunting Lodge and Life Upside Down. My costs are reasonable with full color graphics (no video) and contracts are deliberated via email.

The Cost:

Small Ads: $25/month

Large Ads: $50/month

How to Pay Me?

  • No gift cards or checks.
  • Paypal payments only.

Payments are made ahead of time with a set amount of months agreed to upon via email. Graphics are approved by you or you can use your own graphics.

What I Don’t Advertise:

  • Anything that disagrees with my religious beliefs.
  • No Porn.
  • No dating sites.
  • No single sites.

Sponsor a Blog:

Occasionally, if it pertains to my brand, an agreement can be made to sponsor a blog post on Life Upside Down. It must match my brand like this one here. On this post, I wrote it, linking back to the company sponsoring the post.

My brand is sincerity. That being said, I am open to companies who would like to do giveaways for a price, but speak to my readers authentically regarding a topic that has something to do with my about page here. Do not query me unless you have familiarized yourself with my website and blog.

There are No Refunds!

Once you have agreed upon by email a set amount of months, the size of the advertisement, and approved the graphic, it is bound by the email agreement. If you wish to advertise here, email nikolehahn@thehahnhuntinglodge.com.