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Stop Writing Blogs That Accuse The Church

Change happens through relationships,

Yes, I’m still thinking about Sunday’s Are The Worst. It bothered me that much. Even as I scan my old blogs and other blogs, I am wondering if we need to stop writing blogs that are general accusations against the church, and instead, be the friend and stop bad behavior on the spot? Be the pastor, and talk to the congregation member(s) who are behaving badly?

Do you know how many blogs are anti-church? I don’t know either, but over the years, I have read a lot of them. It’s exhausting watching the anti-church blogs garner all the media attention. I said to a friend the other day how we eat our own for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Who needs an atheist to talk against us?

We’re doing a pretty good job of that ourselves.

While I believe in blogging and social media, I also believe in measuring every word I write or speak. Sometimes, I fail, and for that I apologize and ask that you forgive me and keep me accountable. My goal is to build up the church, help them succeed, and to show them how to be a light on a hill in a world of constant night. In writing, we are taught to show and not tell our readers what is going on in the character’s world.

Let’s practice that rule in life. Tell about scripture, the wonders of Christ, of Heaven, but also show the fruit of that belief from observing others in action to our own actions. It’s not pride. It’s not building platform. It’s finding something good to write about and letting our voices meld with other voices to be louder than the negativity. Blogs that write against the church may have genuine reasons for doing so, perhaps out of frustration, or maybe an attempt to start change or a national discussion. But how has change happened in life?

Change happens through relationships, mentorship, and standing up and for something. It begins in your church, in your neighborhood, through intimate conversations in social media, and it’s never too late to shine a light.


You Won’t Be Contaminated

beholdChapter 9 of Come and Behold Him: Fresh Glimpses Into the Life of Christ by Jill Rhodes said:

Jesus had the most open and all-encompassing mind that this world has ever seen. His own inner conviction was so strong, so firm, so unswerving that He could afford to mingle with any group secure in the knowledge that He would not be contaminated…He knew the difference between graciousness and compromise and we would do well to learn from Him. He set for us the most magnificent and glowing example of truth combined with mercy of all time, and in departing said, “Go ye and do likewise” (Luke 10:37).

The above quote said Billy Graham beneath it in that chapter. I am not sure if, or what part, of this is Billy Graham’s words or Jill Rhodes. How the chapter was laid out confused me, but I loved that it said Jesus was secure in the knowledge that He would not be contaminated…“He knew the difference between graciousness and compromise…”

Whether its gay marriage, drugs, alcohol, lying, cheating, rule-bending, or what-not, we need to realize there’s a difference between graciousness and compromise. Those who do, or say these things or other sins are okay are compromising. Those who do not compromise and show love to the person stuck in sin shows graciousness. That person is secure in his faith, and like Jesus, can mingle without contamination. But before you speak truth into a person’s life, may I remind you to make sure the Holy Spirit is in it. Harm can be done if you speak truth into a person’s life who is already a repenting sinner or if you speak truth that a person isn’t ready or prepared to hear. Always pray for people stuck in sin. Always be gracious with people who disagree with you no matter how harsh they are in return. We shouldn’t  be afraid of discussion or argument.

A man pointed out to his friend how people always hang out with like-minded people. It’s as if we are afraid of contamination or maybe we don’t feel we can defend our faith adequately? Perhaps we feel threatened by those we disagree with and wish to be around that affirmation of having people echo what we think is right? Either way, Jesus reached out to sinners and the outcasts of his time. The Great Commission asks us to tell the world about Jesus so all can have life. That is why I work at trying to get people more involved online whether in social media or blogging.

You have a story to share, and by abstaining from social media or laughing at those that do social media, we become ineffective and narrow-focused, even irrelevant. The beauty of social media influence is how a person restricted to their home can become as effective as a sidewalk preacher in Las Vegas, but in this case, you are building relationships with people and learning how to engage a culture that feels so far away. For more information, you can go to my website and see how you can hire me to help you become an influence: www.thehahnhuntinglodge.com.

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The Chronicles of Church Fellowship: Church People Who Blog

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Many in my church blog. I think people underestimate the power of a blog and how the words they write can touch a person’s life. From a pastor to regular attendees, we all make a difference in how people view church. So today I am sharing a few of them. Enjoy!

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