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What Does Fair Have To Do With It?

The Bible speaks about how Christians will endure trials and persecutions.  It speaks about how the sun will rise on the righteous and the unrighteous.  I understand and fully accept that our lot in life will be difficult.  Our Father will provide for our needs, but it’s still frustrating.

We strive to make good choices with our finances and in our life, and though the temptation is there to take short cuts or to give up and go with what the world would have us do, my husband and I persevere.  Yet, this is what I’ve seen:

  • A single parent on welfare so she can go to school.
  • A welfare participant buying loads of things that we can’t afford to include in our budget, eating better than us.
  • On welfare because a person has continued to make irresponsible financial choices.
  • Prejudice towards the wealthy.
  • An entitlement attitude that turns into anger when their lifestyle can’t be supported by the government.
  • Anger when help is refused because of abuse of the system.
  • Paying outrageous amounts every year for taxes.  No refund.

What other people have seen:

  • An application given out with automatic job interviews, but no one fills them out or goes to the interview.
  • A welfare lady buying loads of food with her card and bringing them to a $30,000 vehicle in the parking lot.

Gas prices will rise.  Groceries will rise.  It’s inevitable.

Tony, in his frustration, often says, “It’s not fair.  We live responsibly and yet irresponsible behavior is awarded.”

I kiss him and wrap my arms around him and say, “But we’re not living for the world.”

Read Star Parker’s Uncle Sam’s Plantation if you don’t agree with what I’ve written.