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I’m Closing The Door For Good

You can’t go forward if the door behind you is still open. As I look out my front window, the sunflowers nod in the slight breeze and reflects the sunlight of the morning.

Sunflowers are the strongest flower. In spite of its shallow roots, they grow back every year. In fact, my sunflowers evolved. The seed I originally planted was for a mammoth sunflower, but over the years the plant has given a bounty of small flowers. It’s branches are always filled with hummingbirds and other wild birds. Like that sunflower, I am evolving, too, and a door is shutting.

This blog has run its course.

Over the past five years, your friendship and your patience have been a blessing to me. This blog has helped me work through some traumatic circumstances, to heal and forgive. I am not leaving the online community, but changing “homes.”

In 2013, I published, with the help of volunteer editors and writers, my online magazine, and in 2015, I will launch a new missionary organization. I will also still write, social network, and intend to focus on only three websites:

This will remain the same as my writing website and social network consulting business site.


This will also remain the same as my free online magazine. Occasionally, we may publish ebooks for sale.

My new missionary organization is now in its prelaunch stage. It will be fully functional on January 12, 2015.




If you have subscribed to this blog, my webmaster will transfer over all subscribers to Cataclysm Missions International (CMI). The website is still being worked on, so I have made it easy for you to register for the newsletter to be kept updated on the developments of the organization:

Sign Up Now


Thank you for being a part of my life. I hope you will continue to take interest. Friend me on my personal page here. Or follow me on twitter. Or even youtube. I’m shutting the door to the past now. My story can still help others so this blog will remain up, and not deleted, but not active.

Please pray as I and my husband eagerly look to the future. My past doesn’t define me. God defines me.


Are You A Writer?


@TRCMagazine is looking for writers, food critics, recipe writers, fiction and nonfiction writers of all sorts. Please click here to see their guidelines. The Open Submission period is only until the end of October.

Some News and Anonymous Blogger

Our Anonymous Blogger called and said to call McConnell, Reid, Flake, and McCain to defund Obamacare. I whole heartedly agree. Flood their offices with phone calls and faxes!

Yesterday, a collection of short stories and other things became available called, Nomadic Sojourns. A couple of my short stories are in it. It will hit the McNally-Jackson store shelf (New York) in a few days, including an Indie store in Iowa. This is the first printing. You can buy it here.

EBM-Fowler_nomadic2I would like to note for my Christian friends that this isn’t a Christian publication. I enjoy writing both secular and Christian short stories as I enjoy the challenges in both. So I hope you enjoy it.

Nikki Hahn

For Hire…

It’s dizzying to look at and see the millions who are also looking for work. I am a freelance writer and social networker. Or at least, I’d like to be paid to do that one day.

So I am putting it out there that I am for hire to ghostwrite, to social network, write blogs, but not to splog. Whatever I do I want to feel confident that it is good work.

You can email me here:


Dear Friends,

Someone reported that this site’s organization can be fuzzy. I’m not sure how to fix that and so on my main website you’ll find featured posts, old posts, and my writing news blog at

It’s a bit more organized and I also showcase latest publications and new and upcoming book reviews.

If you have other suggestions for the website or here, feel free to share them in the comments.

Love, Nikki

HopeFest AZ 2012 “A Success”

HopeFest AZ, an all day Christian festivial, brought Sonshine in spite of the massive storm that moved into the area. There were 15 baptisms that day, and going by the pictures on HopeFest’s Facebook account, lots of prayers.While the evening concerts were canceled due to lightening, the daytime had a good crowd. Among the booths present, was the Christian Writers Guild/Word Weavers.

I, Dianne Jacobs, Laura Flood, Kathleen Beard, Willow Dressel and Sherry Rossman manned the booth. Willow had a nice display of fossils and the rest shared their books with the public. We had several interested parties who gave us their contact information to join our group. Also, I hosted a drawing in which Sue Knabe from Phoenix was drawn (read more on it here). A secondary person was drawn in case the first doesn’t claim the prize by the end of the week.

Enjoy these pictures!

Hope Fest, AZ: Giveaways and Meet Our Authors!

Word Weavers, a division of the Christian Writer’s Guild, has reserved a table during Hope Fest AZ on July 14. You will have ample opportunity to meet our authors and buy their novels and books.

In addition, my blog will be celebrating with Hope Fest AZ by featuring a blog tour of Andrea Palpant Dilley’s, “Faith and Other Flat Tires,” beginning July 13 with my review and a sample chapter, and ending on July 14 with a guest post from Andrea. At the festival, I’ll be offering via a drawing a free copy of “Faith and Other Flat Tires,” gratus from the publisher with a $5 Cupper’s Coffee House gift certificate. If you stop by our booth anytime between noon and 2 PM on July 14, you will have an opportunity to put your name into the drawing.

At 2 PM, I will draw one name out of the box and contact the winner. You don’t have to be present to win. As long as you put the appropriate contact number down and write legibly, I can call you to make arrangements for pick up. Exempt from this drawing are any family members related to Tony or Nikki Hahn. I’ll also be having a limited amount of goody bags available free. So come on down, meet our authors, and enjoy what promises to be a beautiful day in Prescott, AZ.

Authors Available as of June 29, 2012:

Local author Diane B. Jacobs will be one of the authors representing Northern Arizona Wordweavers Christian authors at the Hopefest AZ event on July 14th at the Prescott Courthouse Square. Diane will be on hand to answer questions and to sign her gluten free cookbook, “Delicious! The Very Best of Gluten Free & Wheat Free Cooking”, A homestyle recipe collection for celiacs and wheat sensitive folks, from 12PM to 6PM on that date. Her cookbook is available at and also at her informational website, Diane is also the author of two blogs:

In addition, Diane will be debuting her non-fiction story: “Heaven Revealed”, the true story about her mother’s near-death experience and brief visit to heaven while she was in intensive care.

Willow Dressel, blogger at will be present to answer any creation science questions.

As more authors report in, I will be updating this post at a later date. If you’re one of my readers, I’d love to meet you. Come on down that weekend and say hello. There will also be pamphlets and other information about Word Weavers and the Christian Writers Guild. We’ll be on hand to answer your questions.

You can read my interview of Jaye Lene Long, Project Coordinator for Hope Fest AZ on July 6.