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What I Believe

1 – The Bible is the only Word of God.

2 – God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit are one (Trinity)

3- There are no big or little sins. We all sin and we must deal with our sins.

4- I believe in speaking the truth with love.

5- You must learn to forgive, not neccesarily reconcile.

6- The Bible influences my political decisions, not the other way around.

7 – I believe in Lordship Salvation – The Lord is the Lord over my life; I am subject to Him, not the other way around.

8 – Hell is real

9 – You can’t lose your Salvation.

10 – God is a God of Justice and Love; love isn’t His only attribute.

11 – A fetus is a baby.

12 – I am a forgiven sinner.

13 – Christ died on the cross, taking on the sins of the world and only through Him am I saved.

14 – Fiery trials are part of being a Christian. It’s ripple effects in how we handle those trials have long-reaching benefits to others because of the Holy Spirit.

I think I covered everything. A more complete and better wording of what I believe of Jesus is here, including the scripture. Why rewrite perfection?

Why Did I Name My Blog, The Hahn Hunting Lodge?

The English name their homes. Since marrying my husband in 2003, our shared love of the outdoors became part of the décor. We call our home, The Hahn Hunting Lodge in honor of our marriage and our shared interests. We are NOT a hunting lodge. I could have picked a URL with my first and last name, but two others share this name/URL: a stripper and a nine-year old girl. I chose the creative route.

Why Do I Blog?

A writer no matter their genre must be active on social networking which includes blogging. I grow weary of people on social networking who forget their brand and begin to pepper my news feed with endless quotes or constant sales pitches. If we must social network, why not reach out to one another?

I want more than just your loyal readership. While loyal readership equate to sales when you become a published novelist, being a Christian I want to fulfill my calling by praying for you with all sincerity, help other writers gain their goals, and encourage each other through this temporary home until Jesus comes or we go to our real Home (whichever comes first). My blog will feature posts from other people who have stories to tell with God’s lessons between the words. I will not post a blog if only the anger comes out and not the grace. So my posts will cover book reviews, experiences on living the transparent Christian life, and interviews and guest posts that cover both of these topics. I’m a book reviewer, writer, and coffee addict struggling like you to love Christ in words and action. When I meet Him face-to-face someday I want to present Him a crown of jewels, not a tattered record of a “kingdom of me,” still smoking from the useless things that burned away.


The rules are simple: no meanness allowed. Discussion is welcome. Keep the tone conversational. CAPS are considered a form of shouting and curse words (unless those made up by talented Speculative Christian Fiction Writers) will not be tolerated. No spamming allowed. You are allowed to post a link where it states to add your link, but in the comment area of the comment box, you cannot post any links unless it directly relates to the conversation (i.e. trying to prove something to someone else). If I think you’re spamming, I will delete your comment and email you to request a re-worded comment.

Guest Posts

If you’d like to guest post and it fits my branding, email me. I usually ask for posts on my Facebook author page located here or on twitter here.

The Legal Stuff (For all social media, blogs, webpages under Nikole Hahn or The Hahn Hunting Lodge)

FBC Prescott and its affiliates do not own this blog. Whatever opinions I present are not posted with their approval, knowledge or consent. All original blog posts are copyright Nikole Hahn and are Nikole Hahn’s own work.

All childhood memories are from how I remember them. Identities are either real names used with permission (or they are deceased), or composites staying to the purpose of my brand which is to reach out to all those with “daddy issues”; to show them the love and forgiveness of a heavenly Father; to show them that broken is beautiful.

Whatever reviews are posted here are objective. I did not agree to give positive reviews on any of the books written about here or even agree to finish a book if the book is unpleasant. All guest blogs or reprints were done so with the author’s permission. All photos represented were found though WordPress, are mine, or contributed by Photographers and used with permission. If you have a problem with a photograph I used that isn’t mine, but yours, please email me so I can rectify it immediately.

Blog Posts: Do not repost any of my original blog posts without prior permission. Then, make sure there’s a link back once you do gain permission. Any guest posts belong to the guest poster and require permission from the guest before reposting them elsewhere as the rights belong to the guest for their blog post. All interviews are the property of Nikole Hahn and may be submitted elsewhere for publication.

Plagiarism is a serious crime and a grave sin in the writing world. Please respect others and my work by respecting copyright laws. If you feel I have broken a copyright, email me. I will fix it posthaste.

PS: All this applies to my webpage, too, at www.thehahnhuntinglodge.com

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests are kept confidential between I and my husband. Email me at nikolehahn@thehahnhuntinglodge.com and I will pray for you. I do not take prayer lightly.

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To subscribe to my regular monthly updates through my newsletter on writing and future blog posts; to see what books and novels are going to be reviewed; to see my publishing resume; or to read about my speaking engagements, go to my webpage at http://www.thehahnhuntinglodge.com.



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