Personal Apathy

Today I am thinking about personal apathy. What if we, as Christians, did something different in our lives? Rather than hang out with our usual crowd on Sunday mornings, why not look around and get to know someone new? What if, after we ‘liked’ something a friend did or said, that we followed up on that relationship with something physical–a gift, a visit, or maybe a phone call or a text?

I came across Kyle Tennant’s book, Unfriend Yourself: Three Days to Detox, Discern, and Decide About Social Media, and I am tempted to read it. In the interview (that I can’t find again), he said something about social media making us relationally lazy.

What struck me was this:

“Without throwing the baby out with the bathwater, Kyle challenges the Christian to a God-honoring approach to social media involvement. Well researched and thought through, Unfriend Yourself avoids the emotional arguments and instead presents a provocative ‘must read’ for any students, young adults, and generations beyond who want to be responsible in approaching social media from a biblical worldview.” – Dr. Bob MacRae, Professor of Youth Ministry at Moody Bible Institute

I think it’s something I will put on my to-read list on Goodreads. Last year, I recognized my own apathy in regards to missions. Everyone has an area in their life where apathy reigns in silence. You may not know it, like I did not know my own apathy, and maybe it’s time to see.