Jupiter Winds Review


Jupiter Winds by CJ Darlington is a fast-pasted, futuristic tale set in an unrecognizable earth. Two powerful entities rule earth: Mazdaar Government and Yien Dynasty. Up for grabs is a new world, Jupiter.

It’s like Agenda 51. People are forced to live in the cities while the preserves are reserved for use only the very rich could afford. The preserve is where the unconnected people live–people who escaped into the preserve illegally and chose not to get the RIFD-like thing implanted into their minds. This is where Grey and Orinda live.

They are teenagers living alone after the disappearance and presumed death of their parents. Many friends in the secret community exist, but nothing is what it seems, and Grey and Orinda will discover that another world will give them the freedom they desire.

Jupiter Winds was published by a small publishing company called, Mountainview Books, LLC. The formatting of the book was excellent, and I only discovered one or two minor punctuation mistakes.  It is an otherwise well-laid out book and story. I gave this novel five stars.

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