Jesus Walked

When I read last week’s blog to my husband, he asked about the effect of Jesus’ walk in his ministry. Jesus walked 13,500 miles before and 15,000 miles during his ministry. One of my goals in Cataclysm Missions International is to bring the online world to the pews, and the pews to the online world.

Technology isn’t bad. Like carrying a gun, technology, like the gun, is a tool. It’s not the tool that is wrong, but the person behind it who chooses to misuse the tool. Christians who don’t take advantage of the technology for evangelism and for engaging the culture is missing a great opportunity. I’m not saying that the old ways don’t work, but we must also embrace the new ways. Jesus walked.

Jesus had face-to-face ministry. I wonder what would have happened if Jesus came first during our time? Would He have used the technology? That’s the question my husband asked. We, too, can have face-to-face ministry, but also acknowledge and embrace the new mission field of the online world. People who use it are people who were hurt by church and don’t attend; people of other religions, countries, and people groups; people who are unsaved; and people who are homebound by illness or a handicap and the online world is their only social outlet. It’s their only church in some places.

So when I start Cataclysm Missions International in January I intend to embrace the old and new.