Looking For Bloggers


Cataclysm Missions International is looking for bloggers who already write on the different religious worldviews to that audience (i.e. former Muslims to a Muslim or former Muslim audience). Because the job of CMI is to educate and equip, CMI feels that educating Christians on the different worldviews is essential for any Christian to differentiate what is true and what is false.

If you are that blogger, you may email me at nikolehahn@thehahnhuntinglodge.com with your blog link.

If chosen, your blog link will be added to CMI’s website in January under a religious menu. But you must be a Christian with a mission to teach the truth to an audience who believes in a different worldview than you. If you would like to start a blog with that in mind, query me with your blog address. I will make a decision to add you by December 1, 2014.