#BagThePeak Challenge Coming Monday!

TRC Magazine and bagthepeak.com have come together to create this awesome challenge. A few people were let in on it early so we can make this challenge go viral. While ALS had their controversy with embryonic stem cell research being done and a small percentage of the donations being used for research, #BagThePeak challenge is about raising awareness for #missions (International Sports Federation) to raise funds for bagthepeak.com, but also to spread a positive message and help you see that the obstacles or fears in your life aren’t a roadblock, but instead, something you can learn from and overcome. This can be anything from trying a new sport, smashing a spider, climbing a new and difficult trail, or doing a creative project that requires skills you aren’t sure you have.

The fact that you tried says a lot about your courage. I hope you will join us. The challenge will go from Monday, September 1 til the end of the fundraiser on Saturday, September 27, when a group hike will happen to the top of Mount Humphreys in Arizona to celebrate sports missions and bagthepeak.com fundraising. Information will post tomorrow how to do the challenge. Please participate. Make this a fun way to spread a positive message and make people mission-aware, because missions is every Christian’s responsibility. Recognize your own apathy.