Not Much of a Heroine

Heroes and heroines on television nowadays break the law or sleep with everyone. It’s the sign of the times we live in when the government becomes the enemy, television shows bring out heroes who buck the government or rogue cops who fight the lawless. But my problem is the hero or heroine who sleep with everyone. 

Would it kill Hollywood to celebrate long-term relationships; people who wait for marriage, or people who honor their vows to another, or love each other as they encounter difficulty? 

Currently, I am watching Covert Affairs. The new season is a disappointment to me. I loved last season. Now it’s a soap opera with everyone sleeping with other people, the threat of an affair, an affair, and a super spy who can’t seem to have any long-term relationships. I’m falling less in love with this new season as I watch each episode. So I am hitting the kill switch on the recorder. 

Now back to Rizzolli and Isles…