Phasing Out Book Reviews


By 2015, I will only be doing four book reviews a year in conjunction with TRC Magazines’ quarterly publications. The reason for this is twofold.

First, I need to focus on reading to self-educate. My book addiction consumes a lot of time, especially unedited self-published books. I want to publish my two completed novels and both need work. With 2015 bringing about a change, I also don’t have time to review books.

Second, I miss reading for fun. There are enough deadlines in my life that I don’t need more stress, especially if the book is terrible.

So as I get ready for 2015, that change will begin fairly soon. I am finishing the books I agreed to review though.

This book reviewing has really been a blessing even in spite of the terrible people out there who tried to retaliate when a book isn’t reviewed like they wanted. But I will always remember and appreciate the authors who showed restraint and grace.