Blow Off Steam Elsewhere

Companies have many names for departments whose sole job is to keep your business, like cancellation department, retention department, customer care department, or whatever. In other words, the guy who had the power to unbundle your package has no power to also cancel a service. 

That’s the job of the retention department. After you get put on hold again for an obscene amount of time, they offer you lots of freebies or discounted services; in other words, they want to keep your business so bad that they will break policy and waive fees, and even see about getting service to your house sooner than when you were first told. 

The question I have to ask these companies is this: If you thought my business so valuable, why didn’t you bend over backwards to help me in the first place?

Why did I have to wait four hours on a Saturday only to be told no one can get here for nearly a week? Why didn’t you offer to waive the fee for repair on our initial call? Why did I have to wait 30 minutes for the first person to unbundle my package and fifteen for someone who had the power to cut my service? That’s 45 minutes to hear a sales pitch about how I should stay with your company. Customer service just isn’t the same these days. 

But one thing won’t change with me: my reaction or response to the person on the phone. No matter what the company does, you need to treat the person on the phone as if you’ll see them the next day. The person on the phone is just a hired hand. He or she doesn’t have the power to change the company policy.

Be nice. 

Be calm. 

Don’t swear.

Then, hang up when you are done and go have a latte to blow off steam. 


2 thoughts on “Blow Off Steam Elsewhere”

  1. I so agree, I am someone call the other day, started out yelling at me right away because someone had told her just the opposite pushing her off to me. I do not know what the conversation was before, was not there. I did not know if by chance she hadn’t listened the first time either as some don’t. etc. Thank goodness the next caller was as sweet as pie to get my day back on track.


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