Why You’ll Feel Grateful Someday For Hitting Rock Bottom

One day you will stop in your journey and pivot on your heels to look back at the place where you hit rock bottom. And you will smile, feeling grateful for that dark place in your life. You had to hit rock bottom in order to realize the wrong direction you were headed. Without that realization, you would have continued deeper into that hole never seeing the reality of your decisions and the impact of those decisions on your life, like credit card addiction.

How you got to that rock bottom place began with you as a child. The empty place in your soul remained unfulfilled so when you grew into an adult you sought to fill it by any means possible. Thankfully, you didn’t choose drug or alcohol addiction, but you loved that credit card and you spent money because it gave you that same feeling as eating a big meal on an empty stomach. The good feeling after buying clothes or decorative household items you didn’t need failed to last more than a few hours. Like any high, you looked to ease that ache in you with men. They fed you lines and you believed them. And some were just as messed up as you, not knowing what they wanted in their life.

You got those creditor calls and you cried. You stopped spending finally, but it was too late. The debt had sunk you to rock bottom. Only by the grace of God did you escape the horrific consequences that waited for you had you continued in making those bad decisions.  Now you can feel gratitude and look to a brighter future.

You know if you find yourself in that same place again it won’t be because you repeated your mistakes. Rather, it will be because of circumstances beyond your control. This time it won’t be rock bottom, but a simple pothole or bad stretch of road.

Looking back can be good, because it’s in looking back that you are able to see clearer the footsteps of God in your life.


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