When You Gossip…

Not everyone survives the initial cost of being the target of gossip.

Eventually, you might believe the false things said about you and walk away from church altogether without realizing the few people who did the talking are nothing like the many people who love well. I am blessed to know the many who love well, and they do exist, but gossip in its own way is a form of persecution.

Words can break a person. So when you speak, measure your words. It’s not easy and you won’t always be successful. The tongue is difficult to tame, and even the most likable person can give in to the temptation of gossip or not realize they have gossiped. Gossip divides. It does not build up.

So when you are tempted to talk, ask yourself these questions:

1: What is your motivation for talking against them, especially in a public place?

2: Do you wish them well and want them to succeed?

3: What would they say if they could hear you?

4: Are you prepared to be wrong?

5: Do you want them to walk away from Christian fellowship because of what you said?

6: Are you glad for their misfortune?

You take away a person’s ability to trust others in his or her church when you participate in gossip.