It’s Not Racist

My husband likes to turn on the television to his favorite news channel usually during the work week. Twitter and Facebook give him the necessary outlet for his political discussions. He doesn’t rant. In fact, his mission is noble. He is teaching people via his actions how discussion and disagreement are not an end to friendship, but the beginning of a great conversation where two people can part as friends. Higher powers in this country would have us believe otherwise–that a disagreement is racist or it somehow equates to hate no matter how well the disagreement is delivered. Passion is misunderstood for anger. Both sides of the political aisle have been guilty of getting angry, even defensive when they are discussing things.

I challenge you to follow this line of talking. The next time you are having a debate or discussion, temper your tone, and do not name call. Name calling is really juvenile. If you lose your temper, immediately apologize. Walk away from the debate for a moment, gather your thoughts, and begin again.

I am so proud of my husband. He’s an inspiration to me.




4 thoughts on “It’s Not Racist”

  1. I cannot believe the vicious personal attacks I’ve received on a controversial FB page I admin, just for politely expressing my opinion. And when I call the bullies on it they claim to not know that they are doing it. I just try to keep taking the high road and praying for them.


    1. Oh yeah. People hate it when politicians do it but they don’t see how they copy the behavior. Name calling is a way for them to distract and shut down the conversation.


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