What Sense of Community?

orphansMy sister-in-law wants to go on our next short term missions trip. Others have also expressed a tentative interest in missions. I laughed with my husband when we considered the selling points of a short term missions trip:

“Let’s tell people about Honduras and how they should go on a short term missions trip. Let’s tell them how depressed they will get for an entire month after coming home.”

My husband smiles. He laughs, too. Both of us felt depressed a month after arriving home; me longer than him. I live in a place where we frankly do poorly at community (among other things). People would much rather spend two seconds liking a status than having conversation over coffee on a Saturday afternoon.

The reliability of people in our area under 60 years of age is bad. Like David Jeremiah said: We are a generation where we like to keep all options open. This means not committing to anything–not church, not a party on a Saturday night, and not to coffee. Not even to a Bible study.

That’s what depressed me.

I spent nine days in a place ripe with love and companionship where people have 3 o’clock coffee in person to a place that is so busy, of people who fill their time and their kids time with stuff, that no one has time to make community. This place is so starved for community that small churches have formed in our area. Small groups are popular. So I have to wonder if we are making Sunday church convenient for our community time so we can still fill our hours with stuff during the week?  That’s the way it feels like anyway.

God used Honduras to change us; to change me. That’s why I began brainstorming how to be…different. I hope to launch my new website in January, 2015 where I will explain this “difference.”  God’s been calling me to something “different” for over a year now.

I’m listening now, God. Direct my steps. I want your will in my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.