What Does Apathy Really Mean Anyway?

Apathy is, “a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.” Other places also call apathy indifference. Apathy is infecting everything from the church to the everyday things. What does apathy really mean anyway? What does it look like?

  1. A ministry at your church lacks volunteers.
  2. The missions letter comes and you don’t read it.
  3. You don’t know the name of the janitor at your school.
  4. You ask, “How are you?,” but don’t wait for an answer.
  5. You don’t make time for anyone outside of family or you don’t make time for your family members.
  6. You focus only on your problems.
  7. “I’ll pray for you,” and you don’t.
  8. Your social online, but not in real life.
  9. Your social in real life, but not online.
  10. You don’t know the name of that homeless guy on the corner.
  11. When it’s all about you, your wants, your needs.
  12. When you don’t care if your irresponsibility affects others…

Number 2 used to apply to me. Most of the time I’m good at not doing number 7. I admit that number 4 is a sometimes. I do know the back story of two homeless guys in my area. Apathy is a real life problem.

When people use the word, apathy, it’s really hard to make the connection that maybe, just maybe it’s you and me that are the problem. Apathy has a face.

The good news?

You and I can beat apathy. We can share the love of Christ with the unsaved online or in real life. We can truly be a great friend and family member by making time in our busy schedules to pause with them, share a muffin, or listen. It’s not an incurable disease, but it is ugly.

Do you suffer from apathy?