Don’t Take a Picture

put away camera

“Why aren’t you taking a picture?” My husband asked me while we were on vacation at a popular destination.

“Because dozens of pictures and videos already exist online of this place. I want to enjoy the moment.” I said.

A memory I have of a relative was always with a camera in front of her face. Dozens of thick and heavy photo albums took up two shelves. Birthday cakes had to be re-blown out because the camera wasn’t ready.  Now social media is replete with good and bad photos.  I try to take a different approach to photography now. Perhaps, at times, less photos so I can enjoy the moment.

Like that scene in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty where Sean doesn’t take a photo of the Snow Leopard. He wanted to stay in the moment. I’m not against social media, but you have to put away the phone when the moment calls for it to sip a glass of wine on a veranda while watching the sun paint the sky in oranges, yellows, and pinks. A person can see a dozen sunsets on social media, but it doesn’t count unless you see it for yourself. Life must be experienced.

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