Even I Can be Used

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A comment on a discussion thread reminded me how the devil and his minions can and will use anyone to further his kingdom. None of us are exempt from helping the enemy, and oftentimes, none of us are aware that our efforts are not God’s efforts. I am constantly reminded of the movie, The Devil’s Advocate, where it makes the point that humans are fallible.

Something good by all appearances can become something bad. It’s like changing your lifestyle to eat better, but eating too much of healthy food can still make you fat. In Devil’s Advocate, after suffering the consequences of a bad decision, the lawyer goes back and has a second chance to re-do that moment in time. Yet, for making a good decision, the reporter (who is the devil) covers the lawyer’s heroic actions thereby making the lawyer prone to fall again to his own temptations. I can fall, too, by making a decision that appears good, even a decision that feels great, but pride or self-justification can distort it.

Guard your heart, Proverbs 4:23 says.  In this age of feel-good and of redefining words, it’s good to put things against scripture before believing it.