Sip, Taste, Smell, Savor #SpiritualWhitespace

whitespace1On my way back to work, I spied these roses. They grew, twisting around the white picket fence on a warm summer day. I couldn’t resist taking a picture. It reminded me of something Bonnie Gray said on page 127, “Sip. Taste. Smell. Savor. In between bites, Jesus meets with us. Because the journey ahead is long, stop. Offer yourself the space to pause. Invite another into that space. Even for a bite of pastry. The moment is worth it.”

In my journey, I am stopping and assessing. You can practically hear the squeal of my soles on the cement as I take a moment, maybe many moments, to breath, to sip, to taste, to smell, and to savor. Like today, I should be doing a lot of things, but instead find myself splayed out on the couch, a remote in hand, and a cup of coffee in the other. I did some work this morning, but lost motivation. I want change, but I don’t know what I want to change. I want God’s will and am waiting to see what that looks like right now. Slowly, I am organizing and preparing for 2015.

Things are put on hold while I do this so 2015 is less rushed, less chaotic, and more structured. My second job is flexible, like I want my life to be flexible. My writing is put on hold while I organize. After all, I can’t write well if the business end is a mess and I am not taking the time to make sure the work I put out is quality. I am also struggling to find these moments to savor.

Like these roses…

I stopped on my way back to work. The sun felt warm on my face. The air breathed like a hot oven over my skin. A bee flew past my ear. I looked at the simplicity of the white picket fence and the green and white of the roses and marveled at the beauty that God creates. He creates simple moments like this, not just to capture on camera and in words, but also in our hearts. When life gets messy, complicated and stressful, you must, “Sip. Taste. Smell. Savor,” to keep peace. Sometimes, you have to slow down, take a deep breath, and find the joy in days like today.

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