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A network friend has written a book. It took a lot of courage (and therapy) to write it. Imagine having to relive, and even risk censure, to write down painful family memories of abandonment, her parents divorce, and verbal abuse!

You see, what happens in our childhood impacts our adulthood if we allow it, but even if we don’t allow it, the memories crush us regardless because we may not have had the chance to process them. Instead, we compartmentalize them. In other words, we put them into little boxes, duct tape it shut, and shove it way back into our minds’ storage area. Eventually, storage areas become full and boxes burst.

My friend suffers from PTSD.

So when I say I am part of the blog tour, I will not review it in the traditional sense.  I can’t be objective because of how much Bonnie’s story has helped my own. I can FindingWhitespace_alt3Dsay that Bonnie writes blog-style. Grammar hounds will not like the incomplete sentences used like seasoning here and there for effect. Bonnie writes emotion well. So well in fact that, when I read a portion of it to my students at the Susan J. Rheems Adult Day Center, they were mesmerized. I was demonstrating how to show emotion in their memories and how shortened sentences can really impact a person, even if they aren’t grammatically correct. I hope you will stay connected to her blog here as she runs a month-long blog tour. My review will post sometime next week.


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  1. I so agree about he writing! I totally agree that it is challenging at times to read “blog style” as opposed to some of the more grammatical writing, but for power and punch, raw and real, it is just what brings us up close and personal, yes. I think different bloggers do it uniquely, and I’d have to say, Bonnie is one of my favorite blog writers. But the book…I have found to be even better than her blog writing while still maintaining her voice…maybe even the book helped her fine tune and focus that voice ever so clearly. I am on Chapter 14 and LOVING it, With you on the journey!


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