How They Do Wash #HondurasMissionsTrip2014

10339463_10202597127461655_7788378323149771497_oOur plane held many groups, some of them Christian. One girl told us about the place she served, where servants of the household did all the wash on a pila.

“I felt bad.” The girl said. “So I decided to do my own wash. It’s the Christian thing, right? But when I began scrubbing my clothes on the pila, the woman would correct me when I did it wrong, and afterwards, my arms ached.”

The camp had a pila, too, and I was grateful for my washer and dryer at home. On an outing in Honduras, we passed a shanty where a woman with thin arms scrubbed her laundry vigorously over a pila while the husband sat across from her smoking a cigarette. When I first saw the pila at the camp, I decided at that moment I would recycle my clothes throughout the week and wait to wash them at home.

But I have to say…the clothes I saw on the Honduran women looked nicer than the clothes that come out of my washer and dryer. I asked Michelle, “How do their dresses come out looking so brand new?”

The girl on the plane probably discovered there’s an art to doing wash in Honduras.

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