First Class Beginning Soon…

You have a story to share! You have wisdom to share with people of this generation. Technology gives people the tools to reach out and influence someone.Whether you are of a political party, a Christian answering a call to reach this new mission field,a military veteran, or a grandparent, your story just needs a platform to be an influence.

Many blogs and social networks are free, including some of the programs out there to make creating graphics easy. My classes will get you started in this new chapter of your life. But you don’t have to take all of them. If you already have a blog, but need help with social networking, you can choose to take the later classes. I charge per class, per person.

You will get:

One-on-one practical help.

Receive a newsletter to help further your education.

Hand-outs indicating where to find the free resources out there to continue your education.

Free email Q & A even after class is over.

You can read my goal here to find out why I believe it’s important for people to use the tools to participate in the growing online community. Real friendships happen online. Churches are going online. Don’t be left behind as everything goes computer. Learn the technology through my classes. Even if you have never had any computer experience, please put aside your fears and prejudices of the technology. ​

You must pay by the Thursday before each class in order to participate in that week’s class time. Please bring with you the following:

  1. Your receipt for payment.
  2. An ipad or laptop.
  3. A smart phone, if you have it.

Word Weaver members get a five dollar discount. Your membership must be current in order to pay $15 for each class. Non-Word Weaver members pay $20/class. NO REFUNDS.
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