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Yesterday, Tony and I returned from Honduras.

We are taking this Sunday off to process the nine days we lived and worked in Honduras. Seeing how much Michelle Crotts has sacrificed and the courage it takes to live in a country that is economically and culturally different than America has given me a new appreciation for missions, especially for foreign missions.

For people to serve in a different country, it must be a calling. So much of what we have and do in America, the freedoms we enjoy, are taken for granted by us. I can run for ten miles or more in either direction without fear in our country, yet many Hondurans have had relatives or friends shot because of the violence and corruption in the country. It’s dangerous for a woman to run alone or to hike alone there. Homes are behind razer wire, armed guards, and look like steel fortresses. Poverty is everywhere, and in spite of the shortcomings, Honduras is a beautiful country.

IMG_20140517_081241_210The mountains are green. The roads are mostly dirt when out of the city. Dogs, both neglected and healthy roam the roads. Cattle, horses, and sheep wander the fields. We saw a couple of goats, too. The city is warmer than the surrounding mountains. The mountains enjoy some heavy cloud cover during the rainy season in the mornings. Wild blackberry, oranges, and raspberries grow everywhere. Coffee trees are common. Many grow their own personal coffee trees either to roast and sell their own, or to enjoy their private stock of coffee.

In spite of the violence in the country, the Honduran people are warm and friendly. As I swept the soccer court, one of the Honduran’s working on Michelle’s main building, sang softly some Honduran worship song. I felt so at peace doing something so mundane as sweeping pine needles off the cement, and loved the song accompaniment to the rush of the breeze through the pine trees. If I never ventured outside the property, it would have felt no different than staying at Prescott Pines Camp in Prescott, Arizona (with some minor exceptions).

I will blog more about my trip through the next week or two. So much of what I experienced needs more processing and careful writing. So stay tuned and follow my blog. In the end, I hope you understand how important missions is in your own neighborhood and outside our borders.