ReBlog: Waiting For John Mark

It’s the classic love story, and for those of you with unsaved family members or spouses, this story by Pastor Kirby Moses should enchant you:


John Mark Zigler’s farm was quite isolated, for it was at the end of a long crooked lane rather than on a main road like most farms. The farm was in the Jordan Township along the Elkhorn Creek, and, as with all the farms in the area, was productive, for it sat on the rich black soil of the Northern Illinois prairie. Farming in the 1800’s was hard work. However, he and his wife, Marietta, had four healthy sons and two daughters to help with all that needed to be done.

John Mark had known hardships over the years for there had been a fifth son, but he died early. That tragedy did not prepare John for the sudden death of his wife, Marietta, in the late 1870’s. John was left with the rigorous work of farm life, the care of his six children, and a broken heart. READ MORE