Why Your Words Matter

People like Fatima define the words courage and hope. In America, we go to church without fear. We blog without fear. In Saudi Arabia, Fatima had to cloak her blog through the use of a pen name to hide her identity for fear of losing her life. The blog comments she received were hate filled, but she continued to courageously blog about her faith in Christ.

So what are we, in America, doing to influence the culture?

Are we building relationships through the use of free technology? Is it all about platform or is it about missions? Are we doing all we can to reach our community in real life and online?

Or are we content with a six-second ‘like’?

Do we shy away from controversy because we might offend someone?

Fatima offended her brother. See this video to learn about this amazing woman. I can only hope to live with such courage. In my world, I won’t lose my life for my beliefs, but these days, I could lose my livelihood. Words are stronger than the sword.