You Could be a Rock Star

fakeprofileSocial media allows people to create whole new identities through false bios, and photos found through image searches. Why?

This article shows how some of the reasons to create a false identity are harmful to your children. Other people in the past have used a false identity to bully or manipulate someone like in the cases where cyber bullying led to a victim’s suicide. writers use pen names to keep their privacy or for safety, but the key difference here is you know it’s a pen name.

You can also create a new identity for your real name through the clever use of status updates, carefully done photos, etc.

In the end, the people doing harm or playing the game of pretend still have to go to bed at night with themselves. They still have to look at the real them in the mirror each morning. And even though they fool the world, they cannot deny what they are or escape their self-made prisons.

If this is you, can I encourage you to make a u-turn? God gives second chances to all those who ask, even if you have caused harm to another individual. 


2 thoughts on “You Could be a Rock Star”

  1. Sadly, the Internet seems to give some folks a license to be hurtful with little accountability. You are right, one still has to look at himself/herself in the mirror.


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