In Eighteen Days


In eighteen days, Tony and I leave for Honduras. Please keep us in your prayers. During that time, Tony and I will be journaling about our experiences. We will be offline due to minimal or no internet access. It will be interesting as a blogger, writer, and social networker to have no access to the online community. When we return, I will be posting my journal entries (either portions or all of it) during the following week.

Things to pray for Tony and I:

  1. We may be used by God.
  2.  Safety.
  3. That we can get through customs before and after the trip with few or no problems.
  4. That I don’t gain too much weight.
  5. That God will grow both Tony and I as He did through the Kayenta experience.
  6. And an unspoken.

I am turning forty in Honduras. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday than to serve God in another country. Experiencing life has always been the best gift I could ever receive.  Material things always fade, but experiences are what make character and personality. God partnered me with the perfect guy when He introduced me to Tony. He used Tony to save me; consequently, we were both saved. But I have to say God used Tony to save my life. Without Tony’s presence in my life, I would never have known this freedom. Every day I wake up and see life so differently. Every day I thank God for this life.

So thank you for supporting me prayerfully and financially.



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