Are Recipe Books Going Out of Style?

Gift: Favorite Cookbook, worn, old, bruised, battered, loved
Gift: Favorite Cookbook, worn, old, bruised, battered, loved

A friend posted a picture on Facebook where she gets all her recipes. The point she made was this: Recipe books are diminishing.

Most of my recipes come from the Internet, like the Food Network. They have a great database of recipes. You can save recipes into categories under your sign-on. With smartphones, ipads, and laptops, you don’t have to print them out. You can bring your electronics into the kitchen and refer to them as you are cooking. No more pages sticking together because of grease splatter or dripping sauce. No more flour dusting the pages and falling into the binder to be found later. It’s efficient and clean.

What I do miss, however, are the memories attached to the actual books. In the photo above, my grandmother gave me that cook book. When she gave it to me, it looked like new though its copyright is whenever and unknown. After a number of years of using it, it looks like that now–papers falling out of the binder, pages stained and sticking together, and the front cover totally detached. Evidence of its use means my kitchen is well-occupied. But I do love the easiness of the electronics.

I put the laptop or smartphone on a table in my kitchen so its not near the cooking and baking areas. My hands are kept clean so as not to ruin my electronics when I tap the screen or touch the mouse pad. I get to see a photo of what it should look like, and read notes from other cooks who made adjustments. Trust me, when I say, how necessary that is because in a recipe book I made something that tasted awful. The struggle between using actual books or electronics will always be up for debate. But I don’t think one or the other will go out of style.


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  1. Even though my cooking skills are limited, I enjoy looking at my mom’s old cookbooks. She passed away many years ago, but her handwritten notes are always a treasure.

    Yes, the online notes on anything like that recipe or snap-to-gether kids toy can be a life saver.


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