Easter is Coming


Do we even realize the pain Jesus went through in order that we may live?

No more have I realized my short-sightedness and recognized my apathy to the supernatural than when I read a blog on someone witnessing a death of a possibly unsaved person. In comparison with someone who dies knowing the truth to someone dying seeing the unseen hell of a lasting void without God, it’s disturbing. It’s not the first time that I have heard this. The blog also jerks me awake.

I am ashamed at my sense of apathy. I take away the power of Jesus by thinking my own strength can change things when Jesus can do things without us. I even take away the power of the Word by my actions. Why do I do that?

The Gospel is quite powerful on its own without any garnishment. No more was this shown than in Billy Graham’s, My Hope America. No wonder atheists fight to bring down crosses and abolish the Book. Little do they know of the power behind them from another source–a darker source–one with a fate already doomed who wants to bring down as many souls as possible. Our silence causes us to choose sides. So even if we claim agnostic, we are still an unbeliever. By our silence, we choose. Thankfully, God goes after His children, and even more so, I thank God for His mercy and grace. He knows I try, and He knows how much I fall short.

Only through Jesus, my mind whispers achingly. Only through Jesus…I can do all things through Him. But, Oh Lord, forgive me my apathy. Forgive me when I do not hold enough faith in Your power.

Easter is coming. The world feels like a great blanket is being pulled over it, dousing the light, as the world teaches us good is evil, and evil is good. The enlightened thinking of scholars who don’t know Christ continue to influence those who can’t look beyond the degrees or their own unhealed wounds. The minority groups yell the loudest, push the hardest, and where are the Christians?

Lord, forgive us for putting down each other when we can’t live up to each other’s expectations. Forgive us for infighting when a bigger fight exists outside the walls of our church. Forgive us for putting down Your church. My heart hurts for those hurting and for those without a voice. We need to get our hands dirty this Easter, vow to be better, close our mouths, withhold the hurtful words, do the work ourselves and stop expecting someone else to take on our burdens, and strive to speak truth with love to each other, even if it hurts a little. Forgive us for our apathy, Lord, when we take away the power of your Word and Your presence. Help us to understand. In Jesus Name, Amen

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10 thoughts on “Easter is Coming”

  1. Thank you for sharing this blog post and your thoughts, Nikole. It’s a hard thing to think about, especially when I have people close to me who don’t know Jesus. Your words echo what I’ve recently read and heard about in Bible study, too, so it’s particularly timely. Thanks again.


      1. Thank you Nikole for your words of truth. That gives me alot to think about and a desire to speak more of what’s on my heart.


  2. Stopping by to read your post from Faith Barista. I too have learned that it is only through Jesus that I can get through this life. Working for 25 years as a cardiac nurse, I stood beside many bedsides of people as they were dying. There is a difference between a believer and a nonbeliever’s death. I’ve prayed with many a patient and witnessed the peace that only Jesus can bring into a person’s life.

    Blessings and love,


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