Starbucks, Girl Scouts, and Me


Remember when I wrote this article, Boycott: The War Cry?

Boycotts are effective, like in One Million Moms that fight bad programming or commercials on television most parents would object to, even the American Family Association has had some success in recent years. Your voice matters, but Perry Noble, senior pastor at Newspring Church, disagrees with the method:

“My question then would be, “what did you win?”  You succeeded in making a point, but you still have not made a difference.” Noble insists it is a matter of the heart. “…only JESUS has the power to change a heart, only through the proclamation of the GOSPEL will people hear about Jesus, and when Jesus takes over someone’s life HE will change more in five minutes that a boycott could change in 500 years.” So should we boycott?

I stopped buying Starbucks, not because of their long-held support of gay marriage, but due to the possible financial aspect of how they politically supported a same-sex bill that passed in the state of Washington. If I would vote against a same-sex marriage bill in my state, why would I give financially to support it in another state? If a boycott worked, it would harm a companies ability to continue supporting something I disagree with. That is why people boycott. However, Noble also makes a good point when he explains how many companies we’d have to boycott in order to stop financial support of an organization that help things Christians don’t agree with.

According to this site, the founder of Facebook gave $992 million to an organization that also supports Planned Parenthood. Nike announced political support towards the Oregon gay marriage initiative. The Girl Scouts tweeted some kind of pro-abortion statement.  So what do we do as Christians?

Perhaps Noble does have a point? Boycotts may still help and should be done in some cases, but bottom line: it is indeed a spiritual issue. Politically, we SHOULD fight through bills introduced in congress to protect Christians and unborn babies, and to protect marriage, but individually we should frequent places like Starbucks and work on changing their hearts one person and barista at a time through genuine friendship and love.

So, as of today, I am choosing my boycotts carefully. Starbucks may see me in their place of business on occasion (though I will do so moderately as I support locally run coffee houses). I am on the fence about the Girl Scouts. And I don’t plan on stopping my use of Facebook. Some companies grow too big, making them fearless in who they loudly support. But we can use Facebook and the products that other companies create to continue to spread the Gospel and conservative values.

What do you think about boycotts?


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  1. Here’s the deal, we are at war with satan and all the evil he has perpetrated upon this planet. We will never win this war in our own strength it will only be won when Christ reclaims His rightful position as sovereign God over all His creation in the millenium. In the mean time we are to witness to Christ crucified by being hearers and doers of the Word. If we patronize those who are the minions of satan, we are providing aid and comfort to the enemy. If I have to drink water because every beverage company in the world supports satan, then so be it. If I have to buy all my clothing at St. Vinnies or some other 2nd hand store, then so be it. I will never knowingly support any business that supports evil unless I can use their business to edify, encourage and supports those who are in Christ and those who seek Him. Facebook and other social media give us this means of witnessing to the lost.

    This Pastor Noble is wrong!!! He is willing to weaken his witness for the sake of creature comforts. Is that what the Christians in the coliseum did as they were torn to shreds by hungry lions?? Their witness was powerful in death. Pastor Noble is more of a hireling than a shepherd.

    We should support businesses who support “truth”. Don’t go to Starbucks, buy from Northwestern Coffee Mills in Mason, WI and support a Christian family who roasts and wholesales coffee nationwide. Try the huehue tenango or the kona blend. Don’t buy girl scout cookies, and tell that little girl why, as you tell her the gospel story and that Jesus loves little children even the unborn that Planned Parenthood wants to murder.

    We are required to be stewards of what God has given us and giving to the enemy is not, I repeat is not good stewardship.


    1. Many, many companies support things we disagree with. What if we tried to tell the gospel to people, board members, ceos, and financial donors or those who hold stocks about Christ and pray for them? Without the support of those in power, the businesses will back down. It is because of our lack of fighting Starbucks that other companies were bolstered by their success and contributed. We need to focus on the people on the inside for their sake, and outloud protest, fight laws, etc. You divide from the inside.


      1. Pray for lost souls yes, we are commanded to pray for them and love them. In doing so God will change the hearts of those whom He has chosen. I would certainly not boycott Phil Robertson’s winery. Paul instructed Timothy to use a “little wine” for his stomach and his frequent illnesses. God’s word will direct our paths when it comes to having discernment and stewardship and the choices we make with our resources. Wants are one thing needs are another.


    2. I also don’t approve of not boycotting. But as I stated in my other article, to make s boycott work, we need to choose carefully and be united as believers. Right now believers are being divided on the inside by Satan’s lies.


      1. I guess I don’t care if a boycott works or not, I do care about how my lifestyle choices affect my relationship with God. These ungodly pagan idols and their consumer goods are bad choices.


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