Listen to Wise Counsel

imageA ship needs maps to plot their way across vast oceans. So do we who traverse this life. Without clear direction and wise counsel, we can fall under foul influences.

But when you are a teenager or young adult, the world lies before you unexplored and tantalizing. Your dreams are almost surreal. This is when you need to listen to others who have been there before, because the easiest route is rarely all it appears. Everyone has a bias or agenda, and the word, no, is your best friend. But not everyone is an enemy, but like you, took the wrong path and got lost, and may not even know they are still lost.

Listen to wise counsel. Keep the Bible close. Weigh every word against what the Bible says. Emotions are as fickle as some friends I have known, and doing the right thing won’t always feel good. A ship can get back on course with the right directions.