Virtual Hiking


The L.A. Times reported that, “Young people now devote an average of seven hours and 38 minutes to daily media use, or about 53 hours a week — more than a full-time job — according to Kaiser Family Foundation findings released today.” So when Nature Valley began advertising a wonderful virtual hike here, I both loved and hated it.

From an outdoor perspective, I loved a sneak peak into future hiking trails. However, I realized how many people will not experience anything outside this website who live nearly all their life through video games and other online activities. They will never be moved to leave the couch and see these places in person. With obesity at a high rate in our country, a great many others will not attempt it. Everyone should get out and explore the country we live in.

As for what this website inspires from me, I can’t wait to explore it some more, and then, go out and explore those trails for real!


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